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19 May 2010

Dreams/The Cats/What do you think?/A link

Last night i dreampt that Duane & i were living in an old farmhouse-type home in a small town.  Duane sent out a wide invitation for folks to come to a fish-fry/bake, but didn't expect many to show.  We were mobbed, & didn't have enough fish, so i went out to buy more.  Some people brought their own, but i said, "I won't eat that.  It is breaded."  Simply meaning there would be more for others, but i realized my comment probably sounded rude.

Duane's sister H came, but as the house was full, she & a lot of her friends (she has 269 on FB) went to a small park kitty-corner to our house.  Edward from Twilight was hanging out with them.  It got weirder.  Enough said.

It seemed profound at the time.  Huh.

This is what we had after shaving the cats yesterday.  This is only about half of what we got the first time we sheared them, but before we got off the mats.  Still, this filled the vacuum canister.  I don't have pics of the cats yet.  Camera battery gave out yesterday.  They don't look great, but a little more even.  Not much worse than the job done on Jazz last time (i wasn't impressed).  It will look better as it grows out, & by the time the weather gets cooler/cold in the fall they should be back to normal.  

I notice they've been cuddling together much more than normal.  They are probably missing their sweaters!

The class i re-took this weekend was CranioSacral (CSR = CranioSacral Rhythm) work.  It does have a physical component in moving the bones of the head & effecting the vertebra (especially the head & tailbone thus "Cranio Sacral") with very gentle pressure.  But this also has a huge energy component with it as well.  

The CSR is the circulation of the fluid that nourishes & protects the spinal column & brain.  Every animal with a skeletal system has this rhythm, tho at varying speeds.  It can be done on horses, dogs, cats, rats, etc.  

I've had some skepticism of energy work in the past, but even when i didn't "believe" in it, i've found it to be effective.

One of my limitations in using this work is that i haven't practiced it in various positions.  I pretty much only do it supine.  I think that it will just take practice to do it in other positions, but i haven't looked for practice often.

After being gone for almost a week, the cats were very cuddly on Monday.  So i used a small amount of that time to find their CSR & follow it for about a minute.  I also "gave the suggestion" to Mac that he didn't hurt below his shoulders & it would be ok for me to pet & brush him there.  I gave the suggestion to Jazz that it would be ok for him to be closer to me & allow me to hold & pet him.  

Mac usually cries or gets angry when he is petted anywhere but his head.  Even a light touch will elicit a cry.  Jazz didn't let us pet him when we first got him, tho he has gotten better at that in the past year.  Duane said that he has even let him pick him up & hold him on his lap & pet him.  I can pick him up & pet him some, but he has never let me hold him on my lap.  He will sometimes sit next to us, but doesn't like to be petted when he does.

That was Monday.  Yesterday we shaved them & i brushed them some.  Every time Mac came to me after that, i petted him on his head, but also lightly on his back.  Not once did he cry, although a couple of times he indicated some impatience.  Last night when we were watching TV, Jazz jumped up on my lap, settled himself, & stayed for half an hour, even allowing me to pet him some.  

What do you think?  Did the "suggestions" make a difference, or am i only noticing what i think i want to see?

I did get my days mixed up, even tho i was trying.  I missed the Farmer's Market yesterday.  

Duane had a SAR fund-raiser yesterday.  He worked & i went for a while.  Nothing i could eat, so i ate before going.  A friend from church who works at the Sheriff's dept invited me to another fund raiser today.  I'm going, but it is a little harder for me.  To support Duane was a good thing.  This one i'm simply forcing myself to go to because i feel i "should be more social."  I want to be more social, but am uncomfortable with large groups.  

I need to go get ready for it, tho, as it is at noon.  (Of course, this means i have to drive that Jeep.  He left this AM.)

I like the blog Oh Me of Little Faith.  His post today, Is Doubt an Eraser?, is definitely worth reading. 



David said...

ready for you to practice CSR on me - or mom. if you think it would help her

Kathryn said...

That would make me happy, David. :)

Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who has strange dreams! lol

Amrita said...

I' ve had weird dreams lately. I remember them for a while and then forget them.

I visited the recommended website, but the format was too small, I will visit it again

donna said...

lol that was a weird dream. I rarely dream....such a bore I am.

Kathryn said...

Cindy - when i'm sleeping well, i dream a lot. But 95% of the time i don't remember the dreams. Maybe that is why that dream seemed profound. Usually i just know that i had been dreaming. When i'm too exhausted, i don't dream & that is not good.

Sometimes, if you remember them, its fun to record dreams, Amrita. But usually what seems so interesting in the dream isn't so when you wake up.

I don't know why the format would look small to you. I don't like his word verification thing. (I don't think he has control over that.) It is a new site for him; he moved from the old one.

Yeah, it was a weird dream, Donna. I don't think you're a bore! They say most people don't remember dreams.

Cheri Pryor said...

CSR...a new term for me. But a very interesting one. My husband has chronic pain due to a motorcycle accident 6 years ago. Wondering if I can find someone in the Sacramento area to use this on him. Am hopeful for ANYTHING that may help him.

And the dream? Well, I try not to analyze mine anymore because I would probably have myself committed to the looney bin based on some of my whacked out dreams. lol!

Kathryn said...

Cheri - i'm sorry to hear this. Emailed you of what i know to find someone who does this work.

I don't analyze dreams. I didn't tell all of this one, it got pretty weird. :P