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22 May 2010


Duane has an off the hill event today.  Had to be up at 3.15 to leave for it.  Because waking in the middle of the night disturbs my sleeping, i went to bed quite late, thinking i'd go back to sleep easier.  Not so.  Laid awake for over an hour before i gave up & got the computer out.  So, i've slept maybe an hour & a half at this point.  Will probably fall asleep again sometime near 6. 

I took that Jeep into town Wednesday for the fundraiser.  It was good.  Not too many people & i wasn't too uncomfortable.  People there made me feel welcome.  At one point that Jeep didn't want to start, but then it did & i forgot about it.  

Thursday Rebecca came.  I had a meeting & then went to get groceries.  Came out with said groceries & that Jeep wouldn't start.  This could be a long story, but let's just cut it short.  I kept myself busy for 1-3/4 hours until Duane got up the hill.  I was quite stressed by then, tho i tried to distract myself.  (I was lucky the groceries were largely not things effected by heat, 'cause it was a warm day for BB.)

It wasn't the battery.  I didn't leave it in "park" (since i'm not used to automatics, this is something i've done in the past).  Duane fooled around with it some.  I went home (in the Honda) & got tools.  Then he said the starter was bad.  So how do we fix that in Vons parking lot?  But he worked with it some more & the starter was just loose.  He fixed it & he drove it home.  He tightened everything down & promises me it won't happen again.

Think it will be a while before i want to drive that Jeep anywhere.  Except, it is probably like falling off a horse.  I need to get right back in the saddle.  I'm really fortunate it happened Thursday when Duane was on his way home & not on Wednesday.

The AmGen Bike Tour had one of its legs from Palmdale to Big Bear.  You can read about it here or here, if you're interested.  Lance Armstrong wasn't in that part as he'd had an accident the day before & dropped out.  Duane was helping & i had no intention of going into town.  An extra 25,000 folks doesn't help traffic much.  But then Duane forgot his phone.  We arranged for me to drop it somewhere & someone pick it up for him.  I took back streets into & around town to miss most of the traffic.  The bikers were still a couple of hours away when i was in town.  Traffic wasn't too bad going home.  

Hoping i can sleep now.  :)  If i get ambitious, i'll post post pics later of my current craft projects. 



Cheri Pryor said...

Replace "that jeep" with "that Firebird" and I can totally feel your pain with an unreliable-at-best vehicle. I was stranded in downtown El Paso, TX while my husband was out on field maneuvers. I had NOBODY to call since I had only lived there a few short weeks. Had to be towed home after it stalled in the MIDDLE OF AN INTERSECTION and wouldn't start. I hated that car....but cried as they drove it off 5 years later when we sold it. *sigh*

Kathryn said...

Oh, that would be awful. I at least had Rebecca to call if things got really bad. Plus someone when i was "killing time" offered to help. Someone else offered, too, when Duane was working on it. I love living in a small town!

I think that Jeep looks really cool, but i sure don't like how it drives.

Well, things like this make for good stories later, don't they? Duane swears that that Jeep doesn't like me 'cause it knows i don't like it.

Amrita said...

I love the way you call it "that" JEEP.

Last year we sold my Dad 's 20 yr old car, couldn 't maintain it anymore.

My idea of luxury is owning a small car and to be able to run it. Ha-ha-ha!

Kathryn said...

That Jeep Amrita, is just that. I wish you could have a car & more independence, but i don't wish an unreliable one on you!

Rosemary said...

That Jeep, I feel the warm sense of love you have for it all the way across the country. LOL, keep your good sense of humor about it.