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11 May 2010

Lots going down

Well, we own a Jeep.  :)  Duane is so excited & i think it is hard for him that we'll be away all week.  I think now that it is really his he wants to try it out.

At my strong recommendation, he did have a local garage "vet" it.  They said that if it was a "reasonable price" (which it was) they'd recommend it.  Much relief to me.

This is the week i'm going to be in San Diego from Thur thru Sun doing a re-cert class.  I'm rather anxious about having the energy, etc.  Plus there was so much to be done on leaving home for 6 days/5 nights instead of our usual 3/2.  But i'll get to see my sis some & that's always a plus.  :)

Guess i'm in the mood for some more old pics.

With some visiting cousins (& my sisters) when i was about 14.  

Sis #3 when she was small, maybe about 4?  I always thought her a very beautiful child.

 Have i shown this before?  I think i was 20 when this was taken.  Right before i married the first time.

Color in these old pics isn't so good.

Hope y'll have a good week.  :)



Jessica Renshaw said...

That last photo certainly works as a glamour shot!

Amrita said...

Lovely pictures. I love your long hair

Mrs. Mac said...

Again ... more great pics ... thanks for sharing:)