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12 May 2010


Well, it is official.  This is the week we switch from the "winter car" - Duane's Subaru - to the "summer car" - the Honda.  Because of gas mileage.  Although, Duane's Subaru has been getting an average of about 30 MPG, & currently the Honda just got 31.65 MPG.  But that was almost all city driving.  I'll have to check again in a couple of weeks to be sure it goes back to "normal" - about 38 MPG - when we're doing freeway driving again.

The conference center where i will be this weekend is an older place with a lot of quiet walkways between the buildings & a lot of water.  Duane took these 4 years ago when i was there (he joined me the last day/night as he is going to do this time).  Even at the time i thought the place was rather over-priced.  I'm not staying there this time.  There is a Motel 6 in walking distance (it is "Hotel Row" there with lots of hotels, but most are too far away to walk).  

But, just to check, i called this place to check their price.  They quoted me $150/day, if i want breakfast $160/day.  Parking is $12/day, & if you want WiFi, it is an additional $10/day charge.  I think this is outrageous.  I remember the place, it is nice, but NOT high end & i see nothing to justify these high costs.  (I found later that they should have only quoted me $110/day, but i still think this too high.)

The Motel 6 is $50 for Thur, $60 for Fri, &65 for Sat (they charge a bit extra for Duane to stay).  Free parking & WiFi.  Of course, the reviews of this place are very mixed.  Some folks hated it so much they went elsewhere & others really liked it.  And someone did have their car broken into.  As the Honda doesn't have a trunk & everything in it is visible to anyone walking by, i'm not planning to leave any valuables in it & what i do leave i'm going to cover over so that it looks "junky."  I don't want someone to break into our car thinking they'll get something great just to find my dirty laundry.  I'm trying to take all things into account & plan for the weekend without stressing/worrying irresponsibly.  

It is about 1-1/2 hour drive down tomorrow AM, but there is also traffic to plan around.  I've driven in San Diego during rush hour & it is not fun.  So i'm going to leave about 6 AM tomorrow.  I'll probably arrive way early, but that's better than being rushed. 

Duane read me "Jeep Stories" from online this AM & i read him "Cat Stories" from Jessica's blog, & we both laughed a lot.  

Need to go.  I'll be very busy the next few days.



Amrita said...

Wow the conference center is like a mini paradise. Have lots of fun. Enjoy

justme said...

have a great move on the hotel. I'm the same way...unless it's the same price as a motel 6, i'm likely not staying there

Mrs. Mac said...

I hope you enjoy the conference and the warm weather:)

Michelle (hometc) said...

Hi Kathryn,
Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog and say hi. Hope you have a pleasant trip. Be safe.

Jessica Renshaw said...

Love the pictures. So restful!