My favorite folks ! :)

09 May 2010

My Mother

 A few of my dad thrown in, too.  :)



Lynnette Kraft said...

Those were fun pics. :)

Lynnette Kraft said...

BTW, I've had you in my heart today.

Kathryn said...

Thanks, Lynnette. :) Most of those were not taken by us, but passed on from other people. I did call her today, & she'd had a busy day traveling & was tired.

Thank you, too, for your well wishes & prayers today. I so appreciate them. :)

Amrita said...

Love the pictures.All the pretty dresses your Mom is wearing she looked so beautul as a bride.
Thanks for sharing Kathy.

Stacey said...

I love seeing family photos. Thanks for sharing these! Thinking of you as I know Mother's Day is a tough one for so many. Hope you found some happy ways to pass the day.

Kathryn said...

I don't think my mother ever has thought of herself as pretty, Amrita. I certainly didn't think her so when i was a child. But now, looking back, she was/is a beautiful woman. The shot of her looking into the mirror on her wedding day was stunning.

I always enjoy looking at old pics.

Thank you Stacey. The day was what it was. I had a migraine & slept most of it, which was not a bad thing. :) I'm excited to hear about YOUR Mother's Day next year, however. :) What a blessing to look forward to.

Mrs. Mac said...

I so enjoyed seeing your mother in all of these photos and the changes through the years.