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22 May 2010


I searched what i could find online today.  Most of the pics showed the winner, or a pack of bikes & not much of the scenery here.  But i did find this one:

You can see we still have snow from the mountains in the background.  

Found this pic at Steephill TV



Mrs. Mac said...

Just looking at the pic of the bike riders going uphill makes me exhausted. Once upon a time I lived in Palmdale ..small world.

Your dream must have some meaning .. very detailed .. and sorta funny;)

Hope you have a good weekend. Hugs,

Cheri Pryor said...

BEAUTIFUL scenery! I wonder if those bikers could even take a moment to take that all in....

Amrita said...

Great picture Kathy. Oh for snow!!!

Kathryn said...

Yeah, it makes me tired, too, Mrs. Mac. We've friends in Palmdale. We don't get to see them as often as we'd like.

I don't know if they got to look off or not, Cheri. They're in such a pack it might not have been safe, tho i know they couldn't have been going very fast.

Oh, Amrita, to be able to share it with you! Too bad you're not closer to Kashmir where it is cooler.