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17 June 2010

Pic of Kathryn?

I've been following Lynnette Kraft's Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground for quite some time now.  She does linkys from time to time & i don't often join in.  But she's doing "share the real you" in pics & i joined.  Without thinking it thru.  

The pic of Duane & me in the sidebar is my favorite, although it is over 3 years old now.

I've discovered that i'm usually the one behind the camera.  I can show you pics of our home, the mountains, Duane, the snow, our cats, the blooms, more snow, more mountains, some scrawny lilacs, a dead peach tree, our cats, Duane, & so much more.  But few of Kathryn.  I like it that way.

The last pic i found of me was in February, when Mrs. Mac was visiting in So Cal & we met for tea for an hour or so.  

It is not a very flattering pic.  I hope i don't always look so sour (i don't think i do!) but i almost always seem to in pics.  You can't begin to tell how excited i was to meet with Mrs. Mac.   

Maybe when my niece comes next month we'll do funny pics of each other the way Lynnette & Abigail do of each other!  Then i'll photoshop them into me looking skinny, or something.  ;)



Linda said...

Hi Kathryn,

Cute Kitty picture.

You and your friend look pretty at your tea party. I don't think you look sour! (:>)

Yes, Lynnette and Abigail have fun taking pictures and also editing them. They are quite a pair!

This was a fun idea. Aren't you having fun seeing some of her other blog chums? I know I am.

Have a blessed day!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

croleyc69 said...

Great pics and I love the kitty. Thanx for sharing !!


Lyn said...

Hi Kathryn! It's nice to see you! I agree with Linda, I think you and Mrs. Mac look very pretty in your picture! Your kitties are cute and I just LOVE the mountains!! You must live in a beautiful area.
Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier today!
Blessings to you from Alabama,
Lyn @ Southern Homeschool Journey

Amrita said...

I like all your pictures and the newly aditted ones are gorgeous.

Oh no you don 't look sour at all.

I face the same situation, I usually take all the photos, or self click. The self clicked one s don 't come out so good.

Amrita said...

One of my FB friends said I looked sullen in my profile photo ( you must have seen it)

I think sullen is rather an extreme word.I look quite pleasant in it and people like it.

Diana said...

Oh Kathryn, I think both the photos with you in them are GREAT! I think we are our own worst critics most of the time, LOL! Your little kitties are very sweet... makes me want to cuddle them.

Thanks for sharing yourself with us today! I enjyed meeting you! Have a wonderful weekend! :D