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04 July 2010

4th of July!

Well, i'm more excited that Eva, Elsa, & Frye will be here than the actual celebration.

As we don't know just when they will arrive, we probably won't do church tomorrow.  

We went "garage sale-ing" today.  There are always tons of those sales up here.  I bought a bit of stuff & we found a dresser.  We re-did the "cat-free" room where my sis & Eva will stay.  I'd wanted a dresser in there to go at the foot of the twin bed.  I'll let Eva use it while she's here (if she wants) & move craft & quilting supplies into it afterward.  It is brand new, pine & we got it for $100.  I thought that was great.  The guy selling it used to own a furniture store in town.   The thrift store in town had one that would have worked for us, but they were calling it an "antique" (i don't think so) & wanted $175 for it.  I wasn't very impressed.  

So, enough for now.  

Tomorrow we are going to the Rotary Club Barbecue & fireworks.  We'll leave early afternoon to try & get parking & all.  Here are some pics of fireworks from 2007 & 2008 (we didn't go last year).  

Have a happy, safe 4th, y'all.  :)


Mrs. Mac said...

I enjoyed the fireworks pictures; I won't get a chance this year to see many! The top photo is worthy of a frame! Enjoy your company.

Anonymous said...

I might not get to see any fireworks this year either - although we will go down to the lake and see what happens.
Your photos are soooo great!!!! Thanks for being one of my faithful readers! And your blog is lookin' good too...

Kathryn said...

Thanks, Mrs. Mac. (I read your "Enjoy your company" as "I enjoy your company"! Must say, i always enjoy "your company" when i read you here or at your place.) We will have a good time, i think, tho i'm already very tired.

There will be lots of folks we know there tonight. Duane's Aunt & Uncle are bringing some of his cousins & all. A total of 11. At least 4 others we know. Plus the five of us. :) Hope you enjoyed your quiet day.

New England's NR! How pleasant of you to stop by. :) Thank you, i enjoy the photos too. Can't take credit for them (& should have specified) these are ones Duane took. I'm getting so that i can do a fair job with his camera, but night shots are still beyond my ken.

Hope you have a happy 4th with your "loud boy." It must be stressful to have to worry about neighbors.

Rosemary said...

My gosh, these are some of the most beautiful fireworks photos I've ever seen! Remarkable!

I love the new layout and background of your blog, very cool!!!

Amrita said...

Have a great time all of you. Your photos are stunning

Duane Scott said...

Gorgeous pictures! #justsayin

donna said...

Wow Kathryn...those are gorgeous pics of fireworks...we didn't watch the fireworks this was too hot, we were too tired and fighting the crowds and heat didn't appeal to either of us...hope you are enjoying your company.