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21 July 2010

I love sugar!!!

I'm lonely.  Duane is down the hill & no one seems to be "out there" in blogger/internet land.  But, tomorrow is the knitting group & i may go to the cooking demo with Elke (a friend from former church).  

I have lots i should be doing & i probably will, eventually.  

I'm trying to do a few days of simple meals, mostly raw food veggies.  But you know what?  I still am hungry doing that.  AND I WANT SUGAR!  I compromised yesterday by having a little fruit & a small amount of very dark chocolate (88%).  I did not touch the ice cream or the chocolate chip cookies.  I did not eat junk.  Today i'll have my favorite "egg nog" - raw milk with raw eggs, almond flavoring, & a small amount of stevia.  Yum.  :)

Yesterday i woke up with a severe UTI (tho i could feel it coming on the night before).  It was very, very painful & i cried.  Involuntarily.  The tears simply forced themselves out with the pain.  

However, i remembered what dear friend Dawn had told me a while ago:  Baking soda in water takes care of the pain quickly.  (She recommended, if i remember, 1 tsp in 8 oz of water.)   It did help.  I'm amazed at how quickly it worked & worked well.  As there are essentially no antibiotics i can use safely, i'm dosing with a number of herbs & other things.  I've done this before & it is quite effective.  Here is what i'm doing:

  • I mix 2 tsp of baking soda (Bob's Redmill) in 14 oz of water & drink 2-3 oz every couple of hours
  • I'm taking about 2 Tb of Colloidal Silver 3 x per day (probably for 3 days)
  • I'm taking Uristatin (supplement from the chiropractor) 2 caps 3 x per day
  • I'm taking D-Mannose 2 caps 3 x per day
  • I'm drinking appx 3 oz of cranberry juice with 3 oz of tart cherry juice & 2 oz of water (3 x per day with the supplements)

Baking soda is supposedly not contaminated by aluminum, but i'm not sure i trust that report.  I buy huge bags of Arm & Hammer for household cleaning, but i buy Bob's Redmill for baking & consumption.  I have found that i eventually get used to the taste of baking soda in water & i think if i drank a small amount every day, i probably wouldn't even get the infections, but i'm not always good at following thru on this. 

I know that using colloidal silver is considered controversial these days.  In part that is because of the man who turned blue (purple/blue?) by using a silver preparation.  What is rarely said about this, however, was the reality behind what happened.  There are a number of different ways of getting silver into solution.  The blue man made his own concoction.  He also was drinking a huge amount every day.  Taking a small amount of a commercially prepared silver solution for a few days while ill will not turn you blue.  I know the FDA does not support using colloidal silver, but the FDA backs the pharmaceutical companies in all things.   Silver was used in medicine prior to the introduction of antibiotics.  In all cases that i've read about argyria (the turning the skin grey or blue) the person was taking large doses of the solution for a long period of time.  I will need to start using probiotics when i'm done with the silver because it can kill the good gut bacteria just as other antibiotics do.  

Uristatin is a dietary supplement made by Thorne Research & contains bearberry, short buchu, goldenseal, & echinacea (all herbs).  The D-Mannose i buy is by Solaray & contains "CranActin."  If i would take a couple of caps of D-Mannose daily that would probably be a good preventative, also.  

I buy pure cranberry juice, not a "cocktail" which has little juice & much sweetener.  It is tart!  Even tho what i buy is not concentrated, i still put a little bit of water in it.  It also keeps in the fridge for a long, long time.  (I'm talking months, here.)  The tart cherry i buy (organic) is not nearly as tart as the cranberry.  I like it a lot.  However, i've come to believe that juices are not the best choice of drink.  So i use these juices mostly for treatment.  I'd heard before that cherries, or even specifically tart cherries, are good for inflammation & pain.  When i first heard that cherries were not in season, so my choices were limited.  I don't remember it being particularly helpful for my pain issues, so the cherry juice i had sat on the shelf for quite a while.  About 3 weeks ago i was in quite a lot of pain & thought i'd give it a try again, & to my surprise, it was very effective.  

But, i'd encourage you to figure these things out for yourself.  However, even if you choose to use conventional modern medicine & drugs, taking the baking soda in water will help with the pain issue from UTI quite quickly.  


I called Lori today to hear the rest of the duck story.  Up & down is that they kept the babies safe over night.  The next AM mama showed up & got them & took them off somewhere.  The lady at the wildlife refuge also told them what Lori & i strongly felt:  You don't take the babies away from mama.   She said that as long as the mama was living - the ducklings were not orphaned or abandoned, that they will not interfere.  So, we think this had a happy ending.  Mama & babies reunited & off somewhere happily.  (At least, not squashed in the street, as far as we can tell.)



Rosemary said...

Glad to hear the duck story has an apparently (to date) happy ending! YAY mama!

Okay, I find this recipe intriguing and I may give it a try. I know what you mean about the silver, the blue guy gave it a bad rep. Think maybe at some point when he started turning BLUE that he might have considering stopping or slowing down his intake? good grief.

Hope you feel better and stay that way!

Kathryn said...

Yes, i'm glad about the ducks too. She was so distressed. I'm glad they are back & (apparently) safe.

Recipe? You mean the baking soda in water?

Ah, yes, those blue people. Quackwatch (a site i don't normally recommend - he is rabid about all forms of alternative medicine) lists the folks who have turned blue.

In nearly every case he mentions the folks were taking the silver solution for months or years before this developed. They also frequently made their own solutions & often were drinking lots. "16 ounces of 450 ppm colloidal silver three times a day for 10 months" is one of the quotes.

Quackwatch lists 11 cases where this happened. But what of the likely thousands who took it normally with no side effect? Plus, the amount quoted above is probably 1000x what would be an appropriate dose. Can you imagine taking even 100x a dose of a prescription med several times a day for 10 months & LIVING?

Ah, well, another of my biases.

Amrita said...

I am a salty person LOL. Altho I like sweet, but I go in for salty stuff- being full aware its not good for my blood pressure.

Like to read about your foods and juices. I like dark slitly bitter chocolate. But we have chocolate very rarely as a it doesn 't matter.

Sp sorry about the UTI. Must be extremly painful to bring out tears. Hope you are feeling better. The baking powder remedy sounds good.

Good to hear the ducks are safe.

Take care.

Kathryn said...

Hi Amrita -

i like salty too. I've switched to a salt more natural than the adulterated & processed most stores sell here. I love it! But i really like sweet.

Since i've switched to dark chocolate i don't have it as much, either. More of a rare treat.

Glad things are a bit cooler for you with the rain. :)

David said...

i have a fun duck story to tell some time. praying for you this morning..
May God bless you BEYOND anything you could imagine or wish for

Kathryn said...

Looking forward to your duck story, David. Thank you for the blessing. :)