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20 July 2010

Mostly pics

Sugarloaf Mountain

Eva posted some of her pics on FB.  They turned out great (although one of the two she posted of me is absolutely hideous).  She did a good job.

Sugarloaf & Big Bear Lake

 Holcomb Valley

 Mac cat loves to lie like this.  I think that is part of the reason his back was so matted when we had to shave him.  I think he is in this position at least 50% of the time.

 I love this pic of Duane she took thru the screen.  It looks, i don't know, just peaceful.   The screen gives it a natural texture that i didn't add with PhotoShop!

She took this one on Monday PM when we were driving to Orange County.  She has some with the traffic in it as well, but i really liked this one.  Several of her pics capture a lovely quality of light, whether with fireworks, the sunset, or at the ocean.  

We chose to go to OC  early last week, so that i could spend Tuesday AM with her.  We didn't actually get to OC until late evening because of some delays at home.  But she seemed to need the extra time here to rest.  If we had gone down like normal, there only would have been just enough time to rush her to her train & nothing more.  As it was, i got to show her  a tiny bit of OC.  I really really wish we could have had the 3 extra days we asked for.  Oh well.

I took her for a manicure/pedicure.  I figured that was the quintessential thing to do in California.  She wasn't so sure about getting a manicure too, until i told her she'd get a neck/shoulder massage with it.  She chose black & white for her colors.  

There were a couple of things that i saw when she was here which concern me.  I think i need to speak to her mama about them, but that is a challenge.  We are thinking about/praying about it & i'll probably start out with a letter, so Duane can oversee what i write.  Nothing life-threatening or terribly serious.  My sis has labeled her & i find (as a former psych worker) that her label is not at all accurate & i want her to give it up.  Except, i need to be diplomatic.  

Someone i grew up with at school & church posted this on FB recently.  It is half of Brenda, Nancy, Della, & me.  I'd never thought of myself as a scrawny kid until seeing this.  (I did think myself very ugly, but not scrawny.)  I can't help but wonder if they are not standing on something in this pic & i'm not.  I remember Della as being a tiny little thing.  

I don't have many old pics scanned into my computer, but i did find these.

 The quality in them is not very good, but that's not what i'm looking at.  The little girl in blue checks is my sister Larkin.  Our mother made the checked dress & she liked frilly & lacy even when it was no longer in style.  Our dad labeled this as her 6th birthday (it may actually have been her 5th, he sometimes puts the wrong year).  I am almost 4 years older than Larkin, but i'm not all that much taller than she in these pics.  So i guess i was really short.



Amrita said...

Eva is a skilled photographer. Very good pictures these are.

I love Mac and Duan 's too.

Your childhood photos are so cute. I don ;t have many childhood photos as we did not own a camera them.

So nice of you to take Eva for a beauty treatment. You care about her a lot.

Your comment on my blog warmed my hear Kathryn. I hsared it with my mother.

Kathryn said...

I don't have all that many childhood pics, either. I tended to avoid the camera. Well, even then i guess there are a lot of me but most i thought very ugly. I did get a camera as a kid & took some pics, but i rarely ever got them developed. Costs $$$! Digital is just so much easier.

Glad things worked out for you & your mama. :)