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12 September 2010

Multiple different pics

 Mac, making himself comfortable on our unmade bed.

I wrote of our time at the Art Festival & how tired i was.  When i laid down, this was my view.  

 Multi-million dollar houses on the hill across the street from the Festival of the Arts.

Duane sent this to me from his helitac training yesterday.  (He is not in this pic.)  He enjoyed it a lot & thought it was a fun day.  I thought it was a 4 hour training, but it turned out to be 8+ hours.

We bought this mat for the front door today.  We think it a fun thing, although i know from sad experience that it won't stay looking this bright & pretty for very long.

The art project i'm doing, in progress.  It is the "Around the World" quilting pattern but made with scrapbooking paper.  I'll put an image on it when this part is done.  I'm being very slow because it needs to fit well.  This has a lot of mistakes in it & is very imprecise.  I'm finding this is much more of an energy drain for me than simply knitting. 

The baby blanket i just finished.  The colors aren't quite true in this pic.  The lavender around the edges doesn't really match the colors inside, but it was the best i can do.  This is the first baby blanket i've made in a while that i actually like.  It is going to the daughter of a friend of mine.  Her baby girl is due the end of October.  I'm pleased with this blanket, although i don't think the border was the best choice.  

Mac & Jazz.  (They had wanted to sit on the baby blanket as i took a pic of it.  I didn't let them.)

This is where i spend most of my time.  Today we bought the wire thingy (used 2 of the shelves for something else) & i tried to straighten up my side of the bed.  It is usually a mess.  I don't really like this look much, but it is neater than it was.

Much of this was the mess where the wire thingy is now.  I need to put this junk away!

This is where we store the sheets & the basket on top is for dirty clothes.  I had 2 stacking plastic bins here with the summer or winter sheets inside (& the ones being used on top).  But i found that they absorbed a plastic smell while stored & had to be washed a couple of times, which seemed a waste to me.  After debating our options, we decided to put the sheets on shelves instead.  

Yes, the door to our bedroom has windows in it!  But it is just the two of us, & when we do have company, our bed can't be seen from outside the door.

Since i spend so much time in bed, & blog from bed, too, this is the view from there.  This is fairly late afternoon, with the sun coming in.  

We had a couple of really cool days here.  The lows were 24F & 26.  I think we broke a record on Thursday for the "lowest high" on record.  I think the high that day was 61F.  But it has warmed back up & the past couple of days have been in the 70s.  A few of our trees are beginning to have yellowed leaves.  Fall is soon to be here.  We'll have winter sheets back on the bed soon.  (Duane will be happy.)

Duane just rushed out the door a few minutes ago.  SAR had a call-out.  A hiker with a broken ankle needs to be brought in.  If he actually goes (sometimes he gets to the station & is told that the team isn't needed), he will probably be gone for several hours.  The call-out is in a valley at least 40 minutes from here.  He does love to be part of the team.  

Thank you for all the well-wishes for our anniversary.  We had a lovely day. 



Rosemary said...

I think you do pretty well all things considered keeping yourself organized and busy. I think it is wonderful to have the privacy and views that allow you to have so many windows and all that beautiful nature to look out onto every day. Mac cracks me up, he just looks sooooooooo relaxed and mellow, dude. LOL

lisa said...

Mac and Jazz are pretty cool looking cats! I loved the picture looking up at the tree! I have days that I really hate my house! We have tons of crap and no place to put it all, and all I want to do is get a dumpster and start pitching! I had one of those weekends where you want to say the hell with it and dissappear for weeks!

Land of shimp said...

What a beautiful view, one for all seasons. I agree, I think you do quite well keeping things organized, all things considered.

You know, it's interesting, as I was reading back through older posts -- as I've spent much of the summer away from blogs I'm trying to catch up -- and do you know what stood out the most, Kathryn? How much you do. Seriously, I'm not even saying that in "all things considered" manner.

I mean, you and Duane get out and about, see things, see people. You get out also, you crochet (or is that knitting? I'm terribly uncrafty, Kathryn, I never know what is what), you've always got a project going.

You get a lot done. Maybe it isn't a lot compared to what you used to be able to do, but you still have an active life. I know, it wipes you out, and leaves you exhausted, but I hope you take some pride in how much you actually do, and go to, Kathryn.

There's not a thing wrong with me -- well, I've got some arthritis from old broken bones and the whole surgical reconstruction of my right heel can be a bit limiting, but overall? Pink of health over here -- and there are many, many weeks where you get a lot more done than I do :-)

I'm rather awed by that!

Kathryn said...

Rosemary, i love your pic/avatar! You look such a beautiful, sweet young lady. :) I do do pretty well, all things considered, & i am so very blessed in multiple ways. And thankful for our beautiful views.

Mac is a cool cat, we enjoy him & laugh at him so much! He usually is very mellow.

Hi Lisa. We think Jazz & Mac are fun, for different reasons. Their personalities are so different, but over all they get along pretty well. I don't think pics do Jazz justice.

I understand the frustration with stuff! Moving is what worked for us. (Not practical for everyone, i know.) When we first moved to Big Bear we moved into a tiny house. We had to get rid of so much stuff & usually it still felt really cluttered.

When we moved to Sugarbear, which is twice the size of the tiny house, we didn't want to feel that cramped, cluttered strain. We've worked pretty hard at not letting it get too bad (including turning down lots of free "stuff" offered to us), but it still creeps in. I know what you're saying. I look at that pile by the bed & just want to bring in a big trash can!

Alane, welcome back! Thanks for coming by. You are always so encouraging. (The blanket is knit with a crocheted edging. I usually prefer to knit.) :)

You are right, i do a lot, all things considered. My problem is that i was raised by 2 people who are workaholics & whatever i did was never enough. Then i tend to compare myself to my MIL, who is nearly 20 years older than i am, & is a powerhouse of energy. Both she & my mother would consider household help a "fail," so i've struggled to try to "keep up" to what i know their standards to be. I also know that i need to let go of that. I can't live that way.

I also had a hard weekend as i happened on a blog of a former reader of mine, & she'd commented on what a lame life i have & how all my posts are complaining about the horrible folks in my life & self-pitying. There is the emotional response to that & the intellectual response, & they don't align all that well.

I am blessed, blessed, blessed to be able to do as much as i do. I'm blessed to still be able to drive & to do things & to create. I'm blessed to be able to work a few hours every week.

I'm still struggling with the limitations. Also the knowledge that in the future something like the car show or the art festival is going to require a wheelchair for me.

I so appreciate you & hope you've had a wonderful summer. I've missed your posts.

Amrita said...

Hi Kathryn, I love your kitties, so suave and well groomed , they could be Hollywood cats and earn you some money (LOL).

Nice way of storing your linen. Its very dusty here so we hav e to put everything in a closet.

I like Duane 's helicopter photo - real action going on there.


Out of all those pictures I can best relate to Mac the cat. Me and Mac could be cousins. :-)

Soapchick said...

Hi there. I just found your blog today via Pamela's blog. Your cat Mac could be the twin to my cat Claudio. Is he a Siberian cat? I'll have to put some pictures up of him on my public blog so you can see. Seriously, they look like the same caat. I'll read your blog more in the coming days, but just wanted to say hello.

Kathryn said...

Hi Amrita - i wish our cats could make us some $$$. LOL I don't think they'd cooperate with the Hollywood types. They're rather independent.

Hi Ron - in what way are you a Mac the cat? Relaxed? :)

Hi Soapchick! Thanks for coming to visit. :) Your Claudio does look like Mac. We think Mac is a Maine Coon mix (he mats much more than a purebred) but he could be Siberian. The only count against it is that Siberians are not as common as the Maine Coon.

I'll have to check in with you again soon. Thanks for coming by & commenting. (P.S. your blog has the type of comment form i find difficult to use. I do comment on those forms by opening a different browser, but just letting you know. :)