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15 September 2010


I've not made cards in so long!  I used to be friends with someone long ago.  She would have "card making" parties at her house.  We would stamp & emboss/thermo & works ourselves ragged but have fun doing it too.  (Some of her friends would do scrapbook pages rather than cards.)  We would pool our stamps & have lots more options than when we worked alone.  

Unfortunately, that friend disappeared from my life.  I have never known why.  Because she had more room at her house, i'd stored most of my stamps there, & my other supplies.  When she disappeared, i didn't care all that much.  I wasn't going to do it alone.  What i had left i sent to my mom.  

Making cards is so much easier now!  I doubt if it is much more expensive.  Many of the things we used to spend so much time on:  Embossing, glitter, cutting out detailed tiny bits of paper, etc, are now done for us & all ready to stick on a card.   Yesterday i bought a packet of cards for $1 at Michaels.  I spent much more than that on the stickers.  I've some notes i need to write, & i wanted something different than run of the mill cards.  Here is what i did:

The gold foil embossing in the card was there already.  I thought i was buying blank ones, but i was wrong!  The others i made i covered this up, but for this one i left it alone.  

Now, i know these aren't particularly extra special, but i sure had fun doing it.  Now i need to write the letters!


Oh, calligraphy has been one of my special joys.  I had fun addressing these letters.  Of course, you don't really get the full effect for privacy sake, but they turned out ok.  

It is quite a debate these days of which is more expensive:  Store bought (nice) cards which can run $5 each, or ones you make yourself with expensive materials.  Of course, usually you can find some fairly nice ones without spending too much.  I found some embossed with a "D" (our last name, i couldn't find "K"), 8 for $1.  

What do you like to do for creative sake?



Meadowlark said...

Oh chicklet.... I do nothing. :( And sadder than sad about it. Am in the midst of a midlife crisis about being un-creative and boring.

See... you have something that somebody else wishes for, whether you believe it or not.

Peace out chica. :)

Anonymous said...

Great cards! I don't have any particular craft as a hobby. I like making DVD's from my photos but that isn't really being creative as it's all done by computers.

Amrita said...

I love your pretty cards.

Creativity runs thru your fingers Kath. You are very clever with your hand all that lovely knitting and I forget to tell you I like the wall papaer you made.

In my creative days I used to write poetry and compose songs.

Now I think I am at my creative best at cooking


Kathryn, your cards are beautiful!
My favorite is the butterfly landing on the flower :-)

Land of shimp said...

Oh they're lovely! I'd never actually heard of making your own cards prior to this. Okay, that's not precisely true, but what I mean is, I didn't realize it was common. I thought it was something people did for boutique shops, not as a hobby! They're gorgeous, and I do think they're special.

As to what costs less or more...I don't know...but I do know that I'd keep a made card, where as most greeting cards I recycle.

I think you've got a lovely, creative touch!

As for what I do creatively, well, the last time I was asked that I replied "Nothing really. I'm not crafty." Everybody has gifts, and being crafty is just not among mine. I can't draw, knit, paint, sew, make anything artistic :-) I'm not bemoaning that, I'm just saying that being able to do those sort of things is a gift.

lisa said...

They are so cool! I weave and that is about it. I don't think I was born with creativity;)

donna said...

they are all so the daisy one. Do you need my address :)

Let's see I write poetry, I sew (though not as much as I used to)I enjoy photographing flowers, mountains and sunsets...although that's not really all that creative since the camera does most of the work...but anyways..

I was invited to a card making party in October (I never ever go to parties...not my thing), but will attend this one since it is my daughters mother-in-law...

Kathryn said...

Oh, Meadowlark, you are always a blessing to me! You lift my spirits. MY midlife crisis is that we don't have children & i have so wanted them. Just think of what a joy you are to your family & future generations.

Come to Sugarbear! I'll show you simple creative things & we'll have a blast!

Mr. Calvin Squirrel - of course it is creative! You choose how to place things & the music that goes along. Lots of room for creativity making DVDs. :)

Thank you, Amrita. You have a gift i wish i had: creativity in cooking. I've a long way to go there.

In my very depressed days, i often thought they should put me in a cage like a monkey. Someone would bring me craft supplies (& bananas) & i'd make things, & they could take away all the things i'd made & sell them. I'm afraid i've not given the things i make much value.

Thank you Ron. I'm glad you like them. :)

Thank you, Alane. :) I don't do give aways often, but 400 is coming up. Maybe i'll do a set of these. Your craft is storytelling. You do it so well, & with such flair. :)

Hi Lisa - i'm following your weaving with much interest. That takes talent & skill. Hand weaving is such a limited thing nowdays. Not many folks have the knowledge. AND you are so very skilled with a camera. Your composition is flawless.

Thank you, Donna, send me your address! :) I always enjoy your creativity, too. I think photography is very creative.

I think you'll enjoy the card-making party. I always did. It was fun to be creative, but to do it in a group. Good times. :)

Mrs. Mac said...

I think you are on to something. Making stamped cards can take lots of time and money (plus the tools). Your semi-homemade cards are beautiful and creative. I like to decorate with second hand stuff.

BTW ... I'm still using/making the glycerine-water mist and I've noticed a big improvement in my skin.


Kathryn said...

Hi Cathy! :)

I don't have all that equipment anymore. And if i did it would probably take more storage space than i would like to devote to it. I've made cards alone, doing all the embossing, etc. I have even done some hand drawn ones, & for a while i was selling my drawings to a stamp-making company. I do use things i've got in the house, but it is nice to have these embellishments ready to go & use them. I'm figuring each card costs me about $2.25.

I'm glad the glycerin mixture works for you. I love it! :)

Kathi said...

I used to make cards but that seemed to push my edge of creativeness. I would sit there for the longest time with a blank card not knowing what to do with it. I finally sold my lot of stamps on Ebay.

I never got into scrapbooking, except to make a school scrapbook for the kids. I still haven't finished last year's pages.

As you know, knitting is my main creative hobby. I finally finished the first sock of the pair for my Mom. After making three big mistakes. Her birthday is next week. She'll probably get them by Halloween!

I do love to cook too. But, I'm a recipe person until I get comfortable enough with the dish. Then I change it around to what I like.

Kathryn said...

I enjoyed the creative process of making cards, but i enjoyed the community more. I've never been into scrapbooking. Somehow it just doesn't draw me, although folks are sure creative doing it.

I'm so impressed with your sock-making Kathi. I enjoy knitting, but usually simple projects i can finish quickly. I don't think i'll ever have the patience for socks.

I envy folks who enjoy cooking. I wish i enjoyed it, tho i keep trying to push it on myself. I change around recipes quite a lot. Usually with fairly good results, although i have had my flops, too.

gitz said...

I am so glad you got your hands dirty and started creating again. Alone or with other people, it's still good for the soul!