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18 September 2010

Random thoughts

Someone i know (who is very young) posted this on Facebook recently (the second sentence is from a comment to the original thought):


random thought, when I was a little girl prayed that I'd be able to get married and be a mother before Jesus came back...He must be coming pretty soon!!! :D


It's really close! looking like it will be in this generation! That's you and I.

The invalidity of the logic of this argument as been bugging me for days.  It is like saying, "I had toast for breakfast . . . this afternoon the President decided to bomb North Korea."   It is an argumentative fallacy, a non sequitur.  It bothers me sometimes, that certain churches don't encourage logic in their thinking. 

But, of course, part of my difficulty with this is simply envy.  

Duane is away now, he left not long ago.  He has a SAR training this AM and then he is off to OC for a Karate Tournament.  (He never competes anymore.  He is going down to assist with the running of it.  I think he judges some, but mostly he is one of the folks doing the work to organize.)  He'll be home tomorrow evening sometime. 

I'm going to a cooking demo at The Copper Q.  The store is quite expensive (and exquisite), but these cooking demos are free.  They do take a donation (which they donate to local concerns), but most people put in a dollar or two.  There are two today, one at 10.30 and the other at 1.30.  I'm going to get there about 9.30 (take a good book) because i'm meeting 2 other women there.  Want to be sure we get seats!  When i went before there was only standing room.  

I bought the stuff to make more cards, but haven't done so yet.  I did work on a couple of Christmas ornaments yesterday.  I don't know why fall is when i go into "high gear" with creating.  Maybe because i might have someone to do some of these things with this year.  N said her daughter would love to do creative projects.  

I've so many projects in the works right now:  Bibs for the coming babies, and the second blanket (i think i like this one too).  I want to work on some quilting projects and a duvet cover for our bed.  The art project for our wall and multiple different Christmas ornaments.  Oh, and cards.  :)  I don't usually let myself do this because i have a tendency to start projects and not finish, so i usually try to keep myself at one or two at a time.  We'll see how this goes.  

Gotta get up and ready to go. 



Meadowlark said...

I think every generation says "He's coming soon". Wishful thinking I suppose.

Enjoy your cooking classes - I hope you get a seat. :)

Kathryn said...

Yes, i think this is true, Meadowlark. Certainly i heard that a lot as i was growing up, but there was a lot of fear factor with it, saying how we would be persecuted & could we stand it?

I wish churches would get a grip on what they are teaching (& the idea that what i do will have a direct effect on when Jesus returns is poor logic & juvenile thinking).

I did get a seat, thank you. We had 4 to spare!