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03 September 2010


So much has happened this week.  It has been very busy.

Tuesday we went down the hill as usual.  But i didn't go into the office that day.  I saw a new doctor (post of itself, but a good thing, i think).  

Then we went to Pageant of the Masters (& Festival of Arts).  This link is to the history of the event.   And here is the gallery of them preparing.  My FIL bought tickets for the four of us to go.  Pictures are often drawn from real life into 2 dimensional representations.  This event takes real people & puts them into life-size reproductions of a picture, with lighting & make-up they make it real people part of the presentation.  We went the last day of the festival.  I think it ran about 6 weeks. 

Both Tom & Jeanet had been before, but Duane & i never had been.  I didn't have the energy to peruse all the art exhibits.  Honestly, if we do something like this again i will need a wheel chair.  Most folks won't understand that because i can walk, but i don't have the energy to continue walking.  

I'm glad we brought the binoculars.  We had good seats but still were far enough away that seeing the details would have been a challenge without them.  I'm also glad that a friend warned me to dress warmly & bring a blanket.  My FIL didn't think we'd need it, but then he was glad we had it along.  It was an outdoor theatre & it got rather nippy.

Wednesday i had a very busy day at work.  I also missed going to church as i'd been scheduled into the noon hour.   After work i did some quick shopping - an idea i had & Ikea made it happen.   

Duane & i handle warmth & heat differently.  We already had winter weight duvets on our bed, but that is simply too much for me.  I wake up warm in the AM, & my skin is cool to touch, but as the day goes on i get colder & colder & can't handle either heat or cold very well.  I often have to go to bed in the afternoon just to warm up.  So when i first go to bed at night, i need something to help me warm.  But as the night goes on & i warm back up, i need less & less covers & the winter weight duvet just about suffocates me!

Duane is just the opposite.  He wakes up & is putting out heat like a blast furnace (his skin feels like it is on fire to me) but he complains about it being "cold" in the AM.  As the day goes on he can handle either cold or heat just fine & in the evening he doesn't feel as cold as i do or as he did in the AM.  However, he wants lots of covers to sleep under.  

So, i thought that if i bought a lightweight, twin size duvet for my side of the bed, we could take out the second duvet in the big one.  I can sleep under the light weight duvet, & we fold over the big one so that Duane is under "winter weight" with just the one duvet.  When it starts to get colder, i'll keep the heavier duvet across both of us & switch the twin duvet to Duane's side of the bed so he'll have more.  Haven't figured out really cold winter weather yet, but we tried it for the first time last night & it worked well.

I'm told that in Europe, each person has their own duvet, usually twin size.  And that they often don't use a top sheet, but only the duvet, which is covered much like a pillow has a pillowcase.  It is taken off & laundered frequently.  This makes much sense to me, but we've never been able to obtain that.  We use both sheets & the duvet covers are for protection & decoration only.  I do think that changing the duvet cover is a pain & to do it weekly or more often to wash the sheets would be a challenge.  Maybe not if we were using twin size, tho. 

Thursday was another busy, busy day (for me, at least; i know i don't do as much as most people).  We got home & i rested some but i worked on some projects, too.  

Fall is coming!

This was our peach tree last year at the end of September.

This was our apple tree at the same time.

No fruit for us this year.  The peach tree died & the apples all were killed by a late freeze.  

Soon, we will be having the leaves turn, too.  These were taken in early October.  The signs for Oktoberfest are up.  It starts in a couple of weeks & runs thru the end of October.  I always thought it funny that it starts in September, but read recently that that is how it runs in Germany.  


Of course, after the color comes this.  Hopefully we won't have it come quite as heavy all at once as happened twice last year. 

I've lots & lots to say, as usual, but i'm ready for lunch.  Think i've said enough for now.  Oh, my sister Elsa may come up this weekend.  I hope so.  

Also, my friend Amrita posted on the Spas & Massage in India.  Fascinating.  Check her out.  She writes about so many interesting things.  

We are staying home next week.  (Hooray!)  :)  Labor Day is Monday (a holiday) but we never go down on Mondays anyway.  And Friday is our anniversary.  Six years now.  Don't know what we'll do.  Probably just dinner.  Duane is going to a training on Saturday (the 11th). 

Thanks for stopping by & i hope y'all have a lovely weekend. 



Amrita said...

The arts festival sounds good. Sorry you got tired after walking through th e exhibits.

In India everyone has their own quilts. I don 't handle heat very well. Cold is better for me.

Thank you for the link

lisa said...

The festival does sound pretty neat. I think anything like that you get tired of walking after awhile! Our leaves are starting to turn now, not a lot bu you can see it! i am really not looking forward to winter that is for sure. My hubby and I are total opposites too, he is very warm blooded and I am very cold blooded unless I am having my heat flashes from menapause.

Anonymous said...

I wake up roasting hot all night long and then fall asleep and wake up cold...on and off...I guess it's why I just give up and get up for the day at 4am!

How sad that you lost those beautiful fruit trees!!!! I am looking forward to the Fall as always. Some foliage is showing now.

Thanks for the B day wishes too. You are one of my faithful readers and I appreciate it!

Have a great weekend in the beautiful west.

Rosemary said...

I fluctuate warm and cold as well, my husband is the blast furnace - so we've compromised and he hangs himself out of the covers when warm and I put more covers on my side if I'm chilly. After almost 20 years, it's good!

I love seeing your photos but how sad that the fruit harvest is nonexistent this year. Perhaps next year? Oh, and don't even think of that dirty four-letter word (snow). eeekkkk

You do a lot for your endurance levels and you shouldn't feel badly for what you can't always keep up with, you're only human and you have health issues.

Sending you East Coastie hugs!
(btw, yes, most of my cards are sent out to family and friends. I used to make some for my church group to use at the senior centers.)