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08 September 2010

This week

Well, Elsa arrived Saturday before noon.  We had a lovely weekend.  We went to town for lunch.  We stopped in the Village because i wanted to go to the scrapbook store for some paper.  She & i worked in her room (cat-free) for most of the afternoon.  She's making a baby quilt for Ellen (wish i'd taken a pic of it) & i was using the paper for an art project.  We later got some tamales from a restaurant we like & brought them home.  Watched TV in the evening.   

Sunday we went to the ELCA church.  Then to our "after Church" routine of eating at Mountain Munchies.  We spent some of the afternoon garage sale-ing.  Came home & rested.  Duane & i made dinner.  We had pasta (quinoa) & Alfredo sauce, with mushrooms & broccoli.  Duane & Elsa also had biscuits & blackened chicken.  (I still need to clean the kitchen.  Today's goal.)  Watched more TV.

Oh, i also learned that Elsa does read my blog (i didn't know that) so i need to watch what i say!

She left Monday about 9 AM & i went to the knitting group.  Also did a little shopping in town.   Rested on Monday PM & did some on the art project.

Yesterday we went to the Farmer's Market.  Also picked up some items at the hardware store.  Ran a hose to water our plants more efficiently.  I spent much of the afternoon resting as i was bone tired.  Evening we watched TV & i worked on the art project.

(My computer quit on me today; i'm finishing this with Duane's.  No telling how long mine will be out of commission.)

Today we went to the movies at noon.  Then stopped for lunch.  Also a couple of other errands.  I'm still working on the art project, & am working at finishing the one baby blanket.  Hopefully by this weekend i'll have pics of both to post.  

Tomorrow i've got another knitting group.  Also i might go to the cooking demo at noon.  Depends on if i can find someone to join me.  :)  I've so many projects i want to work on this week.  Colder weather is suppose to be moving in tonight & tomorrow.  The high tomorrow is suppose to only be in the 50s, the low tonight &/or tomorrow night in the 20s.  (I started this in the morning, but because of the computer problem, i'm finishing now at nearly 11 PM.  According to the service we check, it is 49F out right now.)

Friday is our anniversary.  Not sure what we'll do during the day, but in the evening (well, 5.30) we have reservations for a fairly nice place in town, The Peppercorn.  

Saturday Duane is going down the hill to do helicopter training for SAR.  He is excited.  

Those are the plans thus far.  Not sure about Sat/Sun/Mon.  

The visit with the new doc went quite well.  I felt none of the red flags go up that i experienced with other docs recently.  He very much "gets it" for the fatigue & other issues.  I think he is reasonably familiar with the condition.  There are some areas of which he may not be as aware as i'd hope, but all indications are that he is willing & interested in learning.  I had a ton of blood drawn, & an appointment to see him again at the end of the month to go over those results.  We did have to pay out of pocket for some of the tests as my insurance (which i rarely use) wouldn't pay for them, but Duane & i decided that it would be best to have them run.  We feel that not to run tests he requests would be to tie his hands in trying to help me.

One of the tests is for food sensitivities.  I'll be honest, i'm a bit concerned about that one.  Frankly, it feels like my diet is already so very limited.  If i have to give up eggs, cheese, dairy in general, or nightshades, it will feel like i've not much left.  However, i do need to keep in mind that if it would help my functioning, then it would be worth it.  Also, that a week or two will not be enough time to evaluate.  I have the bad habit of not seeing a change after a short time, giving up.  I'm trying to keep in mind about what Dr. Cheney said about it taking at least a year.  Sigh.  :)  Rome wasn't built in a day, neither is good health after years of garbage.  (Not recent, but certainly in my 20s & 30s.)

When i was in town yesterday, i saw 2 different families at K-Mart.  Each had a child about the age our Kaylee would be.  They also had a younger one & the mama was pregnant as well.  I still find it hard.  I think i always will find it hard.  It doesn't seem to be getting any easier.  Yeah, i know, life is unfair.  

Then it hit me, with our anniversary coming up, we got pregnant with Kaylee right before our first anniversary.  It has been 5 years.  We lost her in October.  Five years!  It is hard for me to believe.  Have had 2 other very early losses.  I guess i always thought that if i was just patient, if we just "waited on the Lord" it would happen for us.  It is quite clear now that it never will. 

I'm late, quite late this month.  But i think that this is the start of what used to be called "the change of life."  When i've been pregnant before, i had very clear symptoms, particularly that my sense of smell was incredibly acute, almost super-human it seemed to me.  Nope, nada.  Of course, with my current functioning, i don't know how i'd even manage to carry a baby, much less take care of him.  We'd have to hire nearly full-time help, & we haven't the money for that.    

Hopefully in the next couple of days (my computer will be fixed!) i will have pics to post of all the projects i'm working on.

To finish with something funny, check out this blog:  The Lutheran Chik  Very, very funny banner she posted.  You'd think a church would have a better idea!  :p



Amrita said...

Hi Kathryn, good to hear about your time with Elsa. Is she your sister/

Thge blackened chicken sounds interesting.

I could not view the touched up photo you sent me. Maybe it is a browser thing.

Rosemary said...

Oh my gosh, had to check out that link and it made me smile!

You actually sound VERY busy with things - lots of projects and all, but it sounds like you may have found a healthcare provider who is going to be of assistance and work with you, which is very encouraging. I hope you don't end up cutting more things from your diet, I don't know how you do it.

I often think of you and silently send up a prayer that you are well, that you are getting rest and doing things that make you happy. Hugs from the East Coast!

Stacey said...

Wishing the two of you a very happy anniversary! Hope you are able to spend the whole weekend doing things you enjoy. Looking forward to seeing your new projects!

I'm very glad to hear the doctor visit went well. Good news!

I know those painful baby reminders are everywhere and I simply want to say that I'm sorry, as inadequate as that seems.

Anonymous said...

You've been so busy...doing such fun things - I am jealous.

I hope you will begin to be feeling a lot better soon, and without having to give up more!

Life is a learning process. The reward comes later. Jesus said, "In this world you will have trouble"... but "take heart, I have overcome the world". Focus on eternity and know that he never gives us more than we can handle.

We are all in this together although some may seem to be so much more fortunate. It's all temporary.

Sorry to go on! Must be the coffee :)

Thank you for the visits to my blog.

Kathryn said...

Yes, my sister, Amrita.

The blackened chicken is interesting. I had bought a herb mix before, but it was running low, so i looked it up online & made my own. Chili powder & other things. I think it is rather spicy.

We poach the chicken in advance, & then sprinkle the herbs on the chicken. (Well, Duane does, this is his gig.) Then he heats the skillet 'til it is smoking & sears the spices on the chicken. He has done it for me for salmon, too.

I thought the banners were funny, Rosemary. I don't swear, but i know what the letters stand for!

So far, gluten-free & vegetarian/pescatarian hasn't been too hard. I'm also leaning toward low-carb, but that kind of goes with GF. But my diet is rather heavy on dairy/cheese, eggs, & i use a lot of tomatoes as well as some peppers & eggplant. Sigh. But no use worrying in advance.

I appreciate your prayers! You are frequently in my thoughts & prayers too. I know that everyone has their hard moments, i'm not "special"! ;)

Thank you Stacey. I also know that you very much understand. (Hope you know that it is a joy to visit you & hear of your hopes.) It is not inadequate to understand, your caring is special to me.

Hello, NENR! I do enjoy your blog, what you share, your beautiful pics. The internet is amazing to connect us all. :) Thank you for visiting me, & for all your encouragement.