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15 January 2011


It's been a while since i've written, but not for lack of anything to say.

I think i've been eating too much sugar, for the world has taken on a dim quality.  I seem to be discouraged about everything.  (I wrote "depressed" at first, but i know what true depression is, and i really never experience it these days.  I just get discouraged, but that usually goes away before long.)  The shooting in Arizona was difficult.  But i find it even more difficult that that evil "church" group from Kansas plans to "protest" the funerals.  What is the point of protesting a funeral?  What is more, how are you spreading the love of Jesus by telling people that (you believe) their child is now in Hell?  It makes me sad.

Duane is off with some friends from SAR this AM.  He just sent this pic.  This is a view of the East end of the valley.

I also have been grumpy because my ILs have company which means we were bumped to the air mattress to sleep, and i was in considerable pain both Wednesday and Thursday as a result.  I get irritated with myself because i feel like i'm truly the princess and the pea, but i can't help or change that.  I don't sleep well, anyway, and mattress changes make it so much worse.  But Duane didn't sleep very well, either, and he agreed for us to get a tempapedic pad to go on the air mattress.  I didn't really want to spend the cash (they are over $100) because we only sleep on that thing a few times a year.  But he feels the investment is worth it if it will give us a better night's sleep.  I was hurting badly enough on Thursday not to argue with him.  

I was playing with Photoshop Elements yesterday.  I was trying to create a coloring page from a photo.  I didn't do a great job with it, but i thought this turned out nicely.  It is a pic of a doll i have.  I think it does look like an illustration from a picture book.

I got the letter out to all the kids last week.  (Except i mis-addressed one and it was returned, had to re-send it.)  We've gotten 4 responses (out of 14) so far.  We have also decided to do a "tough love" thing, and if any of them don't bother to fill out the paper and return it we won't include them in the 12 days of Christmas for this year.  I find that kind of difficult, but i think it is right.  If they can't bother to let us know that they care or are interested, then i think we should not include them.  I probably will give them one small gift, but i won't include them in the full plan.  Of course, it is kind of hard for me right now because January is half over, i should have one of the projects done, but i may not know for a week or so yet who is going to participate.

I've kind of struggled with what to plan, as well.  I don't want to just give something for the sake of giving an item.  And i'm not very big on clutter/knick-knack items either, so it is rather a challenge.  

The reason i was playing with PE to create "coloring book" pics is that i thought i might do some of the kids of themselves, if i could get it to turn out right.  But i'm finding that more of a challenge than i expected.  

Some other ideas i've had are origami money (a $5 bill folded to look like a heart with a fancy fan-folded center),  soap sculptures, and some small, inexpensive flashlights.  (I LOVE flashlights, and i think most folks do, especially kids.)

So, my project list right now looks something like this:

January project - origami money - 11th Day of Christmas
February project - soap sculptures (i don't know, this is kind of cheesy, might change it) - 7th Day of Christmas
March project - flashlights - 12th Day of Christmas
April project - homemade necklace (for the girls, for the boys???) - 8th Day of Christmas
May project - tote bag or apron - 10th Day of Christmas
June project - book mark (and book?) - 6th Day of Christmas
July project - a calendar of pics of themselves - 9th Day of Christmas
August project - finger puppets - 5th Day of Christmas
September project - ornaments - 1st Day of Christmas
October project - fridge magnets - 2nd Day of Christmas
November project - homemade lip balm - 3rd Day of Christmas
December project - candy - 4th Day of Christmas

With this plan, i can purchase or make all the items for January, February, and March without being "committed."  Meaning, if we end up having to do the tough love thing, making origami money doesn't mean i have to send it.  A piece of soap (if i stay with this choice) can be used by us.  And i can always find a use for another flashlight.  If i haven't gotten a response by then (or even before), i'm not going to, so i won't bother making extras on the other months.

I've also been on a quest to find household help, again.  Sigh.  Kimmy is wonderful for cleaning when she is able to come, but her schedule has been erratic.  AND what we need most is help with cooking.  So i'm looking again.

Same pic, tho i did some "artistic" work to it on PE, and added a white X roughly where Sugarbear (our house) stands.   This pic amazes me, because there are houses scattered all thru those hills, but they really aren't visible from this height. And as you can see, we've been having warm weather so much of the snow has melted off the low lying areas that get sun.  I'm sure we will have more of the white stuff before the winter is over, tho.



Mrs. Mac said...

Are you getting enough sunshine and/or vitamin D? Just a thought with all of the rain you guys have had of late. I'll have to go search for a post explaining what you are doing for the 12 days of Christmas. I pray you will feel 'lifted' up and out of the doldrums ... and soon.



Kathryn said...

I get some sunshine here and there. I'm suppose to be taking 10,000 IU of Vitamin D a day, but i have slacked off on that. I know i need to be better at keeping up with it.

I think i mentioned the 12 Days of Christmas in the past 2 posts.

Thanks for coming by, Cathy. :) Hope all things are well in the far North! I do enjoy reading your posts, tho i'm not so good at commenting much.

Mali said...

Wow. YOu live in an amazing spot.

Kathryn said...

Yes, Mali, we do. And we are thankful for it each and every day! :)

Amrita said...

I hope you are feeling better Kathryn.

You live in a beautiful valley.

Spending time with children is also good - just enjoying their activities and watching them play. our Pastor 's daughter comes over and plays with her barbie s on our porch - some sh e make s mum and me join in her games, and we do - living our second childhood.

Sorry about the back pain. Wer you in your IL 's house?

Creating a picture book is a good idea.

lisa said...

Very pretty pictures! We all have those discouraging days! My daughter has to take vitamin D too because of not getting enough sunlight. I hate winter, just because of the time I have to spend indoors because I don't do cold well! Hope you have a better day tomorrow!

Kathryn said...

Hi Amrita - yes, better today, thanks. We do live in a beautiful valley. I wish we had a bit better view of this beautiful valley, but it is a joy to be here.

How lovely for the Pastor's daughter to come play at your place.

We spend 2 nights every week at Duane's parents when we leave this beautiful valley to work.

We are going to see David and Debbie tonight. :)

Hi Lisa. Thank you. Yes, i think everyone has discouraging days, but the days go by one way or another. I don't mind winter too much, except i frequently get chilled. But we can escape that so easily, being in So Cal.

Hope your winter relaxes its grip on you soon.