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02 January 2011

On the 9th Day of Christmas . . .

Happy New Year on this 2nd day of January!  :)

I did take pics of our tree and our new ornaments for this year.  But i've not loaded them from our camera yet.  I tried, but i think the camera battery needs recharging.  

Duane's cold never got much worse and he seems to be back to normal now.  He has some residual cough, but not bad.  We brought N's daughter, Sierra, over on Thursday.  She hadn't been able to come on Christmas day with the rest of them, so we still had her presents here (i'd wanted to send them home for her but her mama wanted us to keep them).  She played some games on Playstation, and she and i had a "tea party."  I'd even bought some small scones (the leftovers i sent home with her) and made her a small tea sandwich.  I bought gluten free waffles for me (which i rarely do these days) and toasted a couple and ate with lemon curd.  

Lemon curd is divine!  I've never cared much for lemon meringue pie, mostly because i don't much like pie meringue.  But lemon curd is just like the pie filling without the crust or meringue.  It is so good!  

Anyway, we then took Sierra home and picked up Kip.  He stayed with us overnight.  The plan was for him to help me in the house some (long story, but he "owed" me some money from a school project gone bad and this was his proposal to pay it off).  Our house is too fascinating to waste time that way, tho!  He did help Duane carry in and stack some wood.  He would have liked to stay another night, and that wouldn't have been hard, but we felt that some limits are important.  He's a really nice kid.  

We haven't taken the youngest, Joshua, out much.  He isn't 4 yet.  The problem hasn't been behavior or anything.  Rather, he still requires a car seat and that has been an issue requiring a lot of planning.  He is big enough, however, that we could put him in a booster seat (made for this, of course).  They aren't so expensive.  We can get one for as little as $20, so we might do that.  Then we won't have to struggle with his big car seat and having to time it with his mama (she's been working a lot and she has the car, so she has the car seat, too).  

If you think i've been re-using pics a lot, it is true.  I've learned that Picsaweb has a limited number of pics you can use before you have to pay for the space.  So i've been trying to not load as many pics as i used to.  Eventually i'll probably use Picsaweb only for the blog, and load the other pics somewhere else like Photobucket or Flickr.  

I've been working on my ideas for the 12 days of Christmas.  I've been looking at a lot of "home made" blog or web ideas.  Here are the things i've thought of so far:  seeds (planter kit?), a calendar of pics of the kids, bookmarks, candy, an ornament, window ornament? - stained glass, dream catcher?, finger puppets for smaller ones, lip balm, homemade lollies?, home made necklaces/bracelets?, hot chocolate mixes, painted tee shirts?, dollar tree toys wrapped like crackers or in crepe, tote bags, apron, fridge magnets

Of course, anything that is baked goods or candy will have to be made much later in the year.  Homemade lollies would be good, and they'd keep for a while, but i don't think i could make them earlier than October or November.  

I've decided that as there are 12 days of Christmas and 12 months of the year, i'll do one project a month.  I'm also going to sent out a letter saying that we are doing Christmas differently this year, and asking for information like their favorite color, their favorite animal, etc.  I don't know any of the kids on our list very well.  

Have you heard the tale of "the old woman shaking her feather bed" for snow?  It isn't very often that i think of that when it is snowing here.  Usually it snows with a right good will.  However, for a little while today we had big, fluffy flakes coming down in such a lazy way that it was reminiscent of feathers.  Made me think of the story.  :)

I had a lot more to say (i always do!) but got interrupted with my "flow."  Think i'll stop here.

Hope each and every one has had a wonderful holiday season and may God richly bless your coming year.



Amrita said...

Happy New Year to Duane and you. I enjoy looking at your pics. Its so good you have central heting.

Its so cold here 4-5 C and no heating. Its very cold for us and a chilly wind is blowing - the sun is so weak and wan.

The Pastor 's daughters brings her Barbies over an d plays on porch when its warm and sunny. She makes Mama and me join in with her games.

lisa said...

Sounds like you have been busy for the last few days. It is always nice to have help when it comes to doing wood! I loved the picture of you and Duane! All the pictures were very beautiful! You also have a wonderful coming year!

Kathi said...

Happy New Year to you! I hope it brings you much joy and peace.

Bob-kat said...

I love your 12 projects of Christmas idea - I'm hoping you post how it goes as you tackle each one.

Thanks for popping over to my blog - I understand your concern for my expectations and believe me I'm not expecting miracles. Mostly I am hoping to feel fitter so any weight loss will be a bonus. I just have to do something as I feel so bad all the time these days.If nothing else I have to get up and get more exercise! Thank you for your being concerned though.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you all the best for the coming year!

Mali said...

I love love love your photos. We don't get snow here, and we don't have squirrels, so photos of snow and squirrels make me turn green with envy!