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10 March 2011

Paying for it

Last night i was finishing up at work and i checked in at Facebook and saw Lynnette (from Dancing Barefoot) had a "chum chat."  She's had these before, but never been able to do it.  So i logged on for a little while.  These were the instructions:  
Chum Chat from 9:30 pm-10:30 pm (Central Time) Go to this link: http://www.------ Use this password: iamadork Pick a color that you like for your name (I’m Aqua!) either use your real name (my preference) or something that will let others know who you are.  
Well, this tired girl didn't read all the instructions.  I saw "Pick a color that you like for your name (I'm Aqua!)" and didn't read further.  I was "Teal" among Lynnette, Linda, Lyn, and all the others.  Yes, folks, i really AM a dork!  (The colors helped distinguish all the different folks from one another.)

Duane says, "At least you have a good sense of humor."

I have heard what turns out to be a Spanish proverb:  God said, "Take what you want and pay for it."  (I think i've mostly heard this in Stephen King novels.)

It is not a Christian concept, yet it has an element of truth, none the less.  I'm not talking religion but simply consequences.  When we make certain choices there will be consequences, "paying for it" you see.

I have been "paying for it" this week.

Sunday we had all three kids for most of the day.   We really enjoyed it.  I can see that with J, the youngest (he'll be four in a week or so) that we are going to be doing some work educating him on what we consider "appropriate behavior," but we really enjoyed the day.  I didn't even feel very tired at the end.  But both Duane and i were in bed much sooner than is normal for us. 

Surprising to me, i didn't sleep all that well that night.  I thought i would, being tired out, but it didn't work that way.

Monday i did my regular knitting thing, and then had a new girl Olivia (she is a girl, only 20) in to help me in the house.  She did a wonderful job in the kitchen - it has been a long time since it looked that good.  Kimmy does a good job, too, but it has been a while since she had time.  Anyway, i pushed myself harder than i should have.  I'm finding that even tho i tend to think i don't push myself hard enough, there really is a reason i rest as much as i do.  It is so that when we leave the mountain to work, i will be able to do the work.

I worked, of course, on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Both days were really difficult to get thru.  I did rest (NOT sleep, daytime sleeping is really bad for me) for about half an hour, and that helped.  Of course, the fact that we had been at church at 6 AM for imposition of ashes didn't help.  

I've both Olivia and Kimmy coming tomorrow to help me whip the house into shape.  And my in laws are coming for the weekend (tho this isn't a 100% certainty so far).  So i'm trying to rest some today to be ready for all of this. 

I've not been keeping up with blog reading very well.  I'll catch up eventually.

I'm doing well with my 12 days of Christmas project.  The items have changed a bit, but i have all the stuff for January, February, March, AND April done!  (Largely because i found keychain LED flashlights for $2 each and went ahead and got them.)  

I don't think the soap sculptures are going to work.  I got started doing a bear.  It turned out, "Okay.  Good.  What is it?" in Duane's words.   It kind of looks like a bear, but it could be a dog or a pig or any other 4 legged animal.  Unless he takes over this (he is a very good artist), i'm not going ahead with that project.  I am doing crocheted snowflakes, and they are turning out well.  

If i keep going at this pace, i may have all the projects done by the end of summer instead of the end of November.  That would not be a bad thing.  On the other hand, many of the upcoming projects are more labor-intensive (mostly sewing). 

Can you tell i'm ready for spring?

What has been keeping you busy?  Are you working on any projects lately.



lisa said...

You have been busy, and yes, I agree, I am ready for spring. I have been trying to get my other saddle blanket, but not making very good progress. Hopefully after next month I will because I can finally quit my job and spend more time on my own weaving and my horses. Hope you can get more sleep, I don't sleep at night because I think I need a better pillow for side sleepers! But I hate to spend the money on something that might not make a difference. You take care and I am glad you are getting better results on the kitchen duty!

Amrita said...

Hi Kathryn,

We had compony last week, nephew and his friend Megan - so we had lots to do, Sonia also visited with Abner. And now we are missing them all.

Its getting warmer too. I am not ready for summer - never am.

Glad you found a nice helper.

What was the imposition of ashes in church - I did not understand???

Jags niece- little Sahima comes along every morning and we like her chatter and company. I love interacting with kids and young people.

Kathi said...

Signs of spring are everywhere here. It's falling from the sky. Rain, rain, and more rain. The daffodils are up and blooming. Trees are budding. Woodpeckers and robins out. I took the dog for a walk yesterday and just focused on the sounds of spring. It was lovely.

I'm working on making some fingerless mitts, but, I'm a little perplexed by the pattern. Honestly, I'm not enjoying it very much because I'm having to think about it too much. And, I'm dreading the thought of having to knit a second one.

I hope you have an enjoyable week and you're able to rest up and be renewed.

Mali said...

As much as you are ready for spring, I am not ready for autumn. The year is rushing by far too quickly!

I'm throwing myself into a writing project, and I'm hoping I can actually finish it in the next month or two.

Kathryn said...

Thank y'all for coming. :)

I've been poor at letting you know how much i appreciate your comments here.

Amrita, "imposition of ashes" is part of Ash Wednesday, celebrated in liturgical churches. They are placed on your forehead with the admonition: "Remember it is from dust you have come and to dust you shall return."

It is the beginning of the season of Lent, which ends with the celebration of Jesus' resurrection on Easter.