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18 June 2011

Still on the face of the earth

Do you ever follow blogs that then just disappear or the person stops posting?  I've had that happen a couple of times and can't help but wonder what happened to them.  

I couldn't say why i've not been posting.  I guess my mind has been on other things and i've been trying to prioritize how i use my energy.  Not that blog writing takes a lot of energy.  

I have been on the hCG diet for 12 days now, and have been blogging my progress at Hawkes' HealthKatee and hCG and weight loss.  I think there are a couple of pages there before i actually begin the diet.  Three others at that site are doing this diet, too.  Islander, Reesacat, and Mellowsong are all doing it (Islander is finished her first cycle with a 24 pound weight loss).  Their experiences are listed in the blog spot at the bottom of the Hawkes' Health page.  

The hCG product i purchased is here:  1234 hCG.  Duane is doing this with me tho he is not overweight.  He had gotten some abdominal fat, however, which is related to a host of chronic diseases, and he is doing it mostly to support me.  I discovered he has never in his life been on a diet before.  That blows my mind!  Forty-three years of never having to once restrain yourself or use will power over eating.  He asked me about my "first diet" and it was honestly so long ago (i was probably 15, and did not need to diet) that i don't really remember.  But in those days i think it was about feeling i had something under my control in my life.  Entirely different point of view.

We have not found it to be the "no hunger" thing that is highly touted.  However, we only had one day that was really difficult; it got easier after that.  And, in 12 days (10 on the low calorie diet) i have lost 10 pounds.  I am happy, tho to be honest i'm not really seeing it yet.  But then, i have a minimum of 30 to lose, and would like to lose 45-50 total.  (It won't all be done this cycle.  I'll probably end up doing 2 cycles to lose, maybe 3.)

One thing this diet is suppose to do is to re-set your metabolism, endocrine hormones, and the like.  I'm still having some sugar cravings, and some days are harder than others.  Also, i think part of the reason Duane and i were having some hunger issues (as opposed to other friends who have done this and began from a really good food place) is we probably were "detoxing" the chemicals from ordinary diet.  I like to think i was eating better than most Americans, but i had been eating things i definitely know i should not have been.

I don't know that i feel i have much more energy, but i think i am better.  I don't know if this is re-setting all the things i mentioned above, but i am sleeping better and feeling more rested than i have in years.  :)

"Our kids" are out of school for 6 weeks (they do "year round" school here).  We are planning to take Sierra down the hill with us this week.  I'll take some hours off work and do some things with her.  My ILs have a pool for her to enjoy, too.  We plan to take each of the boys in turn, too.  

The squirrels seem to have died off.  That won't bother some folks up here who hate squirrels (they can do a lot of damage).  

We heard last year that west of here, in Crestline and Arrowhead, the squirrels were dying.  I guess whatever the disease is, it made its way here.  We still had some in the spring, but it has been several weeks since i've seen a squirrel around here.  I miss them.  

I've been doing a little gardening.  Of what i have, the onions seem to be doing the best.  But i'm having little triumphs here and there.  

So, that is a brief view of what has been going on here.  How are things in your neck of the woods?



lisa said...

I will have to check out that diet! I could lose to lose around 25 pounds myself! Good for you and every little bit helps! sorry about the squirrels though.

Mrs. Mac said...

I'm still here ;) and waiting for spring and summer. If you notice on the national weather map there's been a constant rain cloud hanging over North Idaho for the past six months .. I think the jet stream has disappeared and we have no wind to carry away that cloud! Hope you are doing well .. especially with the diet. Hugs,

Kathi said...

I have never been on a diet either. I need to be better, though, about eating smaller portions and watching my sugar intake. It doesn't help that Brian's brewing beer now and that it's pretty tasty.

That's sad about the squirrels. The only thing endangering them here at our house is when they try to steal my blueberries and I send the dog out to chase them. They are fun to watch running throw their little squirrel highway through our trees in the back.

Amrita said...

That diet sounds good Kathryn, I am on low cal food and cut down drastically on salt - it is working. I need to kloose 10 -15 pounds.

Have fun with the kids.

Your squirrils are so cute.

Enjoying the rain, but not liking the long power cuts.

Anonymous said...

Diet and exercise seem to be the key to a healthy life. Keep up the good work! :-)

Have a great weekend up on the mountain.

Are squirrels and rats related? :-)

Bev said...

I love the squirrel pictures! Did you know here in Michigan we have some areas where the squirrels are black? They're kind of odd looking, but still cute IMO.

Mali said...

Loving the squirrel photos!

Also can relate to thinking I was fat when I was a teenager. I know what my height and weight was then - I was actually underweight. Isn't that a sad reflection on pressure on young girls? And of course now I am far from underweight!! Good luck on the diet - I'm trying to make some changes here too. Hopefully warming winter soups will help!