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11 July 2011

A July post

I've had so many blog posts in my mind . . . and that is just where they stay.  I've been very undisciplined about writing (and many other things, too). 

Part of my problem with being undisciplined in general (not about writing) is that it is hard for me to know what my boundaries (with energy) are.  Many times i don't know that until i've breached them, and then it is too late.  

Not long ago i had a busy morning, and then sat on the couch, watching TV and knitting, but looking out the front door (which is an enormous sliding glass door) at all the things that needed to be done in my garden, but knowing i didn't have the energy to do them.  Sigh.

I'm reading how folks are harvesting produce now.  One blog said she is "at the end" of her peas.  Wow.  I've some cherry tomatoes that might be ready to pick in a week or two and the onions seem to be growing well, but other than that, i don't know that i'll have much of anything.  Well, the mint is growing well, too, but that doesn't take much.  I've not found a single apple on our tree that survived.  Early on it looked like a few were growing, but i guess they didn't make it. 

My grape vine is leafed out and looking impressive.  But i have come to realize that naturally we will never have grapes.  It looked dead until the end of May when i could see a few buds, and was fully leafed by mid to late June, but at that rate, grapes will never have a chance to develop.  I think we will have to make a small "hot house" - a miniature greenhouse - to go over it.  I think if we do that and put it over the grapes in March and keep it on until past the chance of frost, and then put it on again in September, we might someday grow grapes.  

I've planted strawberries that are doing well, and some raspberries, too.  We won't have any berries this year, but i'm hopeful for next.  Raspberries and peaches are my favorite fruits.

These pics are reposts from a couple of years ago.  We didn't take any this year.  But the light show was absolutely amazing. The best i remember seeing.  

So, that's us.  How are you?



Anonymous said...

Good luck with your garden. I definitely do no have a green thumb myself. The firework photos are great.

Linda said...

Were those fireworks shot over Bear Bear Lake? I love the big fireworks displays like that...but I am not too crazy about all of the noise in the neighborhood. Ours sounded like a war zone this year! But John and the kiddos had I guess it was worth my jittery nerves! ha! (One year I bought ear plugs!)

I always envy people who can grow their own fruits and veggies. I have never tried...but it's just not my thing. Too many allergies, and I get headaches from the I can't really work in the yard.

I hope your garden will do well and if not this year, then maybe next year, like you said.

This 100 plus degrees is wearing us out here in the midwest. So I have been spending a lot of time inside. Hubby and friends got out early to golf...but it was already 80 at 7AM this morning. Supposed to be 103 today.

Imaginography said...

I can sooo realte to the lack of energy feeling. I've tried to explain to people that it is not the same as being tired from a busy day - it feels far more flat and cumbersome than that. It is the inability to be able to do things and it is exhausting in itself. Sound sto me like you have many tasty things happening in your garden for the future :) Love the firework pics!

Amrita said...

Gardening requires a lot of hard work.

Right now we are out ofr veggies, nothing much grows in this time of year. We have put in some seedings.

Kathryn said...

Hi Mr. Calvin Squirrel. :) Thank you. I'm garden-ly challenged, myself, but am trying to change that. BTW, are you a red or grey or black squirrel?

Hi Linda. :) I'm surprised i'm not bothered by the noise of fireworks, because so many other noises (particularly vacuum and lawnmowers) bother me so much. From the pics at your blog, it looks like your family had a great time.

I would imagine that with your weather you could grow a good, healthy garden, but i don't envy you the heat at all. I don't do well with that. Our low Monday surprised me tho, it was 32F!

I've a lot of food allergies these days, so organic or home grown foods seem to be the safest. You take care.

Kathryn said...

Imagine - i think i've read other blogs by you, right? Does the energy issue get in the way of doing photo shoots? (You do amazing work, BTW.)

I can't take credit for the firework pics, my hubby took those.

Hello, Amrita. Yes, gardening can be difficult/tiring. We try to set it up so we aren't doing all that much, but that means we don't get much return, either.

Summers there are too hot for growing much, but you can grow much of the rest of the year, can't you?

Hope you're surviving the heat well.