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11 March 2012

Do you remember?

Ive been thinking quite a lot of past memories recently.  The remembrances are so very profound but difficult to put the feelings that go with those memories into words that reflect the reality i feel. 

I came across the picture of an old saltcellar the other day.  I didn’t even know it was a saltcellar until i read more about it.  I thought it was just some kind of trinket box, because my granny had one in which she kept sewing notions.  I remember it looking very much like this.

I also didn’t know what a saltcellar meant.  I guess (from reading on it), salt used to be kept in a dish and spooned out, like we do with sugar.  In fact, from reading about it, i realized that all those small spoons people collect might have originated as salt spoons to go with the saltcellars. 

With the advent of anti-caking salt (the 50s are mentioned), people began using saltshakers instead of saltcellars. Of course, people collect all the weird saltshakers from that time, too.  So saltcellars became a thing of the past and people have used them for different purposes.  I don’t know why that hen with the notions is such a strong memory for me.  Granny didnt have many decorative or fancy things, so i guess that one stands out.

In thinking about that set of grandparents, i also remember a small angel i used to have. 

None of my grandparents had much money and they had a lot of grandchildren (mother is from 1 1 children, daddy from 8).  One Christmas, i was given a small angel.  I think she was from a set of 3 or 4 that was divided among several of the grandchildren.  I kept her for years and years.  I dont know what happened to her, but my ex got rid of a lot of my things, and a roommate absconded with all my Christmas ornaments id treasured over the years, so the angel probably was in one of those sets. 

She seemed to be a combination of these pictures:

She had wings growing right out of her neck.  I didnt think how odd that was at the time.  She was dressed in pale blue and her dress was straight and flowing rather than the full, fluffy dresses many of the angels at that time wore. She was holding a lyre.  She was probably 3 or 4 inches tall. 

I miss her, of course, but im not heartbroken or anything.  She was simply a tangible reminder of days past.

Do you have relics from your childhood that remind you of another time? 



Mrs. Mac said...

My 'relics' are family photos as I don't have much as in the way of a tangible item from childhood.

BTW we use natural mineral sea salt (without anticaking agent) and have little bowls (minus lids) set out. I suppose a salt cellar would make a good gadget .. I have small antique spoons :)

Amrita said...

the salt cellar is very cute and your angels too. I have a lot of childhood memories both tangible and intangible

Imaginography said...

When my grandmother died I asked for only two things from her house. A small brass box from India that used to contain my grandfathers medals and a cut glass decanter full of marbles. I used to enjoy looking in the box whenever I visited and I used to sit in the window and watch the light play across the coloured glass of the marbles and make patterns on the sill.

David Edward said...

very few relics of the child years, just some boy scout stuff that my mom saved. for that, and for her love, I am grateful.