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22 April 2012

Spring came while we were away

A week ago Saturday, i woke to this:

The official storm total was 12 inches, but we only had about 10 here, tho it was wet, heavy snow.

Due to some complications at work for Duane, we had to stay down this week until Friday night.  We got home rather late, near 10 PM.  Saturday morning this weekend i woke to this:

I went out and got some pics today.  I also found tulips, and the roses have little leaves, the lilacs are starting to have little leaves and buds, and several of the fruit trees, too.  One of the tulips i found was yellow.  I don't remember yellow tulips from other years, only the red ones.  

It was a very warm week for Big Bear.  The last couple of days have been in the low 70s.  We are suppose to get rain this week, so we hope it will be rain and not snow!

I got to attend the knit group this week.  I had a couple of people model the hat i made.  Someone i know has cancer.  I've made her a couple of hats, but warm ones.  She wears wigs when out in public, but hats at home.  As it has been so warm in OC, i thought she might like something lighter weight.  I hope she likes it.  It didn't take a lot of time, but i'm very pleased with how it came out, especially the decreases at the top.  This project was knit on size 0, 1, and 2 needles.  I used the needles to do the decreases until the last bit where i did the decreases called for by the lace pattern but not the increases that were suppose to go with it.  I got the lace pattern from the Vogue Lace knit book, but i came up with the hat myself, so i'm pleased with the result.

I also was able to give my friend her scarf last week, knit for her Birthday.  So now i can post the pics.  I'm very proud of it, too.  It ended up being something like 740 rows, knit on size 0 needles!  I know it has a few flaws, but even i would have to look hard to find them, so i'm really pleased with how well it came out.

And, as we were in OC for the whole week, i was able to visit with a dear friend on Friday.  She comes to Costa Mesa (a couple of miles away from my ILs house) on Fridays to take care of her granddaughter.  I used to take care of this baby's mama years ago while her mama, my friend, was working.  It was lovely to have the chance to visit with them.

But, lovely as it was, i don't plan to do this anytime again soon.  I was utterly, completely, totally exhausted Thursday night and the whole thing was a challenge.  Fortunately, Duane seems to have settled whatever the problem was and we don't plan to stay down long weeks any more.  Last week he brought me home on Wednesday and went back on Thursday to complete the week.  Well, and it is hard to be home for just a couple of days, too, and be pretty exhausted, and get everything done i need to before we go back again.  Originally we were to go down on Monday this week, but i convinced Duane to tell them we could not as we had other commitments.  I don't think i would have managed had we been down that long.  

I always have lots of stuff in my head that i then never get around to writing.  

So, how is your week?  Do you have warm weather?  Has spring arrived for you?




Wow. Thanks for sharing photos of so much beauty!

Mrs. Mac said...

Your knit work is beautiful! So delicate. Yes .. spring has arrived and everything is turning green. No blossoms yet on the fruit trees (which I'm thankful for) in case we get a late frost. Today is supposed to be 80 .. then we slide into rain again by midweek. I hope you get your batteries charged after your busy week.

kare said...

Such Artistry in that Sweet hat! i would wear ThaT instead of a wig if i needed.

It's 100+ here already this week..
i love it!
Thanks for the Pictures of Spring! Lovely.

Mali said...

The scarf is very beautiful. Isn't it part of Chinese culture that a work of art should always include a few flaws, because human creation is never perfect, and shouldn't aspire to be? I therefore love that your scarf, made with such love for your friend, includes a few tiny flaws.

Amrita said...

I really admire your handiwork

Anonymous said...

I am the blessed recipient of the beautiful scarf. It is already a treasured part of my life. The pictures are great, holding the scarf and being able to see the intricacies is even better!