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01 February 2013

A New Month!

My posts have been too long - going to try writing shorter ones more often, at least for a while.

I just finished the last of the Harry Potter series today (again).  I know some folks never re-read books, but i love doing that.  For me it is like visiting an old friend.

I always experience a sense of loss when it is over.  Keep going!  What happens next?  We're old friends, i want to hear more!

I really like the Harry Potter series.  It has so much in it that i find attractive in writing.  Rowling does a very good job.  The one flaw that i see in it is that Riddle/Voldemort is entirely, purely evil.  It makes him a good bad guy, but most folks are a combination of good and bad.  Few people are purely, entirely evil.  


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