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02 February 2013

The New Office

I never posted pics of the new office.

Duane came and took these for me, then composed the various shots into an expanded panoramic view.  Thus, the results look a little bigger than they actually are.

The color of the walls doesn't really show up here.  It is a light sage green.  The far right of the top pic comes the closest.

This was not at all my vision of how i wanted the room to be.  I wanted it to be blue and white with some greens and purples mixed in so that it was rather a flower-garden, relaxing effect.  However, this turned out elegant and it does "match" the rest of the office (which i was told was a requirement.)  I wasn't thrilled to paint all my white furniture black, but it turned out well.



Mrs. Mac said...

If I was closer, I'd be over in a quick minute to just relax. It looks very serene and lovely.

Kathryn said...

Thank you.

When you visit CA again, you'll have to come in! :)