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24 February 2013


I am pretty committed to not utilizing any current conventional medicine, with the exception of emergency for broken bones, car accidents, etc.

(FDA Approval means nothing to me.  They lie and are paid for by the folks with big money.  They no longer put the interests/ safety of the population first.)

If we'd had children, they would not get vaccines or see docs; i would not use any kind of drugs for them including OTC  Tylenol.  We do not use those things for ourselves, either.  Trusting the "wisdom" of conventional medicine has destroyed my life.

The more i learn about it, the more i see how it is politically and financially driven.  I saw it first hand when i worked hospitals for over 10 years.  I saw the drug studies being done and what was called patient care.  I also had hospitalizations and the number of mistakes made was enormous.  There is very little medical care that is for the benefit of the patient.  What passes for patient care and safety these days is bought and paid for by the food companies and the pharmaceutical corporations.  The FDA cannot be trusted whatsoever.

Most people would disagree with me of course.  I'm not saying that (all) doctors are evil.  I'm saying that they do not have the full picture and are not encouraged in critical-thinking skills and that their educations are very limited.  Not all doctors fall into these categories, of course, but a great many do, even the ones who seem so very caring and compassionate.  I'm not running down the nursing staff either.  They work very hard and have very difficult jobs.  The problem is that many of the illnesses in their patients are self-created and the very hard jobs of the doctors and nurses are largely because they have to follow a Standard Operating Procedure that does not actually help their patients.  As long as current procedures are SOP, the care-givers will not be able to think outside the box and truly heal.  When natural medicine is used for treatment, but more, for prevention, then things will change.

I searched for a long time to find a doc i could work with.  As i'm on disability, i have to have someone recording for me.  I'm reasonably comfortable with the one i've chosen.  Her name is Connealy.  She isn't warm and fuzzy (and this pic is either 20 years old, or it has been retouched extensively).  But i can handle her and she doesn't freak out over my choices.  When i told her that i chose not to have my foot casted when i broke it, she simply shrugged.

I'm pretty sure i had a basic skin cancer recently.  It was on my upper lip.  It started out simply as chapped skin that wouldn't heal, beginning last fall but getting worse about Christmas.  Eventually it looked like a cold sore.  But i've never had a cold sore in my life.  The chances of it being one now is pretty slim.  It wouldn't heal, and was beginning to spread a bit.    It had been acutely bothering me for about 6 weeks when a friend said she'd had cancer in the same place and that this probably was that too.  As she is a RN, i assume she knows what she's talking about.

I chose not to rush to the doctor.  I've an appointment with Connealy the end of March, but decided i'd do what i could in the meantime.  I have used mostly essential oils.  I used Oregano, and Thieves' Oil, Comfrey, Black Seed (cumin), Vitamin E, Sweet Orange, Myrrh, and some others.  I also made a salve of Eggplant and apple cider vinegar (suppose to be the best home treatment for skin cancer), but i forgot and left it at my in-law's house, so it didn't get used much.  When i first began to treat it, it got worse and was quite uncomfortable.  I felt like i had a huge red sign on my face.  I did a daily scrub with Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E, Black Seed, and some liquid magnesium, zinc, calcium, and D3.  I would add a bit of baking soda to this, (it foamed up in an interesting way), and scrub at the end of the night.  It began peeling.

I went thru about 2-1/2 weeks of "treatment phase." The treatment wasn't particularly pleasant.  My lip felt raw and exposed and not like part of my own body as it was stiff.  Those oils had a weird and often unpleasant taste.  I would have continued this longer, but it seemed to be ready for the next phase.  I began doing "healing" oils and salves.  One was a Devil's Club salve a friend had given to me.  The others were a Calendula salve with balsam and fir.  I have a slight pink area where the problem started.  If i begins to have the "it won't heal" thing again, i'll begin treatment, but at this point it seems to be entirely normal.

I probably won't ever know if it was cancer, if it was what type it was (basal or squamous), and if this really made a difference.  We don't get to know "what would have been."  It seems to me more normal to treat rather than wait of a biopsy to see if i should treat.

I don't expect much reaction from Connealy when i tell her, IF i tell her.  She'll probably shrug her shoulders and not comment.  Because she isn't very reactive (and i saw her last spring when i was in an emotional state after John died), i'm afraid she will label me as a drama queen or hypochondriac.  So i am careful about what i say to her.  I mostly need her to document my limitations.  I am very thankful to have her, and don't want to sound as if i'm not.  Without her i would probably be stuck with a conventional medicine man who would be a problem if i didn't follow his dictates.    I'm on a thyroid supplement now, and have been for a year, which would not have happened without Connealy.  I should have been put on one years and years ago, but as most doctors don't have any common sense, it didn't happen.  Thyroid issues are best found thru functioning.  Iodine in the thyroid can be replaced by bromide - found in breads and pastas, fluoride - found everywhere, and chlorine - also found everywhere.  When iodine is replaced, the lab work "looks normal" - but your body cannot utilize they thyroid hormones created with these imposters.

I mostly tend to trust what my body tells me, and use supplements and food as treatment.  It seems to be the safest way as most conventional medicine docs can't be trusted these days.


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