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22 February 2013

Going into Town

I don't go into town a lot.  I do force myself to attend some things because i tend not to be very social. I LIKE being social and seeing people, but there are two problems.

One is that it simply tires me out a lot.  The second is, well frankly, other people just don't seem to have much time.  I can't say how many times i've planned something with someone, or called to see if they might have time, and it just never works out.

I'd even been complaining a while back about never seeing Duane's sister, and then stopped and said, "Well, Kathryn, what are YOU doing to try to remedy the situation?"  So i called and asked if we could take them to dinner sometime.  The answer was that they just do not have time.

The answer for that, it seems to me, is to go where people are already congregating and just be.  One is church of course.  Another is the knitting groups.  Another is this:

The Copper Q is a store in town that sells cooking utensils and appliances and paraphernalia.  They also sell cute things, teapots and cups and aprons, etc.  Also spices and tea.  They have a bakery and sell sandwiches and tea and coffee.  They also do cooking demonstrations on Thursday and Friday at noon, and twice on Saturday.

I don't go often, but when i do i go early and have tea and knit while i'm waiting.  Today is a Vietnamese Spring Roll.  I don't know if i'll be able to eat it, but i think i should go.  I meant to get out yesterday, but never did.

This is a rather high-end place, so i don't purchase things there often.  They are very good to support many of the activities in our community, so i do try to sometimes get things there.  If we were wealthy, i'm sure we'd have quite a lot of their things in our home.  So many of the things they have are so cute!

Sometimes i will go with a friend, but most times i just go alone.  (Not that i go very often.)  Big Bear is a small enough town that even if i don't know anyone, i usually can have a conversation with someone.  



Kathi said...

That sounds like a nice place to hang out. I hope you were able to eat the Vietnamese spring rolls. That's some good food there - especially with a good side of peanut sauce!

Kathryn said...

I did get some! It was all rice-based, so no gluten issues. She let up make our own. The rice wraps are very, very sticky. I got to add the veggies i like, and i've probably used all my carbs for the day, but it was fun.