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13 February 2013

Life is Strange

Christopher Dorner was probably cornered yesterday, and died.  They won't confirm it until they are sure.

If you have caught the news at all, you have seen the area where we live and the road we travel every week.  We were about 2-3 hours ahead of the madness yesterday.  If we had been delayed, we would not have made it down.  Duane's mama is kind of freaking out because she thinks he was near to where Dorner was hiding, but Duane was not part of the manhunt.

These pics are from that drive, not far from where the whole thing ended.  

There isn't too much snow on the road now, but there was quite a bit on Friday/Saturday.  Dorner had been highly evaluated as someone who would be able to evade the police.  It is true he was hiding out for five+ days within site of the command post.  I don't understand his choices, and all i can say is when he original plan failed, i think he didn't have others in place to take over and his critical-thinking skills were pretty lacking at that point.  

I think it is very sad what happened all the way around.  I think he probably had legitimate problems with the LAPD, but his choices were the worst possible and innocent people were hurt.  The LAPD is not looking good at all as a result, especially when they panicked and harmed civilians.  Dorner was quite clear that he didn't want to hurt civilians.  

I'm not surprised if he is dead (i think he probably is).  I didn't see any way for him to come out of this alive because it was pretty clear he wouldn't give himself up.  I'm sad about the whole affair.  

I can honestly say that i wasn't frightened at any point.  And to a degree i don't understand Duane's mama's fright.  Each of us, every day, probably come closer to death than we ever know, and yet, here we are.  I love Duane with all my heart and each time he leaves the house for Sheriff's duties (volunteer, Search and Rescue) i say, "Have fun.  Be safe."  Duane wasn't hurt, nor were any others there actually in Big Bear (the final part of the drama was about 30 miles away).  I'm thankful and grateful.  Why panic now?



Kathi said...

The only thing I can offer is that in a situation like that, someone may think the worse because one never knows what a desperate person will do. When you don't live near the action, it's just hard not knowing if a loved one is alright.

My grandma watches the Weather Channel and everyone once in a while we'll get a call from her. She'll be concerned that she heard about a fire or a big storm in Oregon and wondered if we were ok. Most of the time it's always somewhere else, but she has no concept of where we live on a map of Oregon. I just reassure here we're ok and feel grateful for the concern.

Kathryn said...

Hi Kathi -

yes, we are very grateful. And so thankful to know (mostly via Facebook) that many people were thinking of us.

I'm not sure i understand Duane's mama NOW, after everything is okay, believing he was so close to danger and freaking. But then, we all deal with stress and anxiety differently. She lost her daughter some years ago. I suppose even the idea that her son came "close" is hard for her.

Happy Valentine's Day to you. :)