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14 February 2013

Valentine's Day

They say Dorner has been confirmed by dental records.  We saw very little police presence on our way home.  A bit more than usual, but not too much.  The road leading down the where it ended is closed and TV vans are around it.


We don't celebrate Valentine's Day, beyond a morning greeting.  There were beautiful roses available at the health food store, and i considered buying some but did not.  I couldn't be given candy anyway as i'm not eating sugar (tho i sure wish candy to not be so unhealthy!).  And i don't care much for jewelry, except my wedding ring.  

Duane has a true and complete hatred of the day.  He says that it is expecting people/men to perform impossible tasks to prove their love.  He shows his love daily and won't leap to a schedule set by other people in the name of proving his love.

I understand this, and accept it.  I'm blessed with a loving husband each and every day.

It has always been my dream to be given flowers, tho.  I don't say this to him, because he thinks it is a waste of money.  He did buy me a pot of daisies a couple of years ago because he knows i like daisies best.  I do.  And a pot of flowers growing lasts longer than cut flowers.  

Yet, somehow i really would treasure being given roses.  

When i was married the first time, he didn't give me flowers, either.  I wanted them so and said it often enough that one day he brought home a mess from the street vendor, the cheapest available and wilting and dried out.  

"Here,"  he said.  "I did it.  Now be happy."  

Well, of course that didn't work, but he never heard about flowers from me again.  I learned that when you nag someone into doing something, there is no joy in the result.  

That marriage ended long ago.  But i'm glad i learned the lesson.   Pushing for it will never work.  And i now have a marriage in which to rejoice, even if my every heart's desire isn't on the table.

So, to those of you who do celebrate, Happy Valentine's Day. 


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