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18 February 2013

Monday, Monday

I did quite a lot today.  I hope i don't pay for it the rest of the week!

We are expecting a huge snow storm over the next few days, to start right about the time we leave tomorrow.  They say we could have 2 feet of snow and that the levels can drop to 2,000 feet.  That will make returning home interesting.

Duane is attending the funeral of the slain San Bernardino officer on Thursday, so this is going to take some planning.

I'm starting a new supplement tomorrow that supposedly has had miraculous results for folks in many different ways.  I'm hoping.  It isn't cheap, but if it could help me do more, it certainly would be woth it.

So here's a pic of what's expected.  :)

Duane has a snow training this coming weekend, tho, and they were hoping for snow.  So i think he'll have his wish.


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