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03 February 2013

Super Bowl Sunday

I'm not much of a football fan (or any other sport).  Duane's family are all Green Bay fans as his mama grew up just outside of Green Bay.  So i enjoy the game as much as any.  I understand the basic rules and when to cheer and cat-call.  

Yesterday Duane was at the bank and the young man who was his teller asked who he favored for the Super Bowl.  

"Green Bay," Duane replied, "But the odds are bad."  

The teller appreciated his wit, but the lady behind him, not realizing who is playing this Bowl was surprised.  "Green Bay is playing?" she asked.  Of course, they are not, which is why the odds are so bad.  This game is the 49ers and the Ravens.

Considering i'm not much of a sports fan, i view the Super Bowl a family holiday much like Christmas or Thanksgiving.  It is a time to get together with friends and family and have fun.  A few years ago we stayed home and i had a meltdown because we were "suppose" to be with people.  But a couple of attempts to go to the party with his family have proven to me that the fun is all anticipated but not realized.

It is a four-hour round trip to his step-brother's house where the friends and family gather.  And i never have anyone to talk to while there.  The kids are off pursuing their own interests and the sisters-in-law and cousins wives and aunts all have their own history.  And they talk about kids a lot, so i can't join in.  They aren't mean to me, they try to be nice, but it just doesn't work.  It isn't unusual for me to try to join their group and have them stop talking.  I don't think they are talking about me, but private things between them and i don't belong.  In being there for about 4 hours total, i probably have 15 minutes of real conversation.

So, i've decided to "give up."  I told Duane whatever he wants to do today, we will do.  If he wanted to join the friends and family, i'd go.  If he wanted to create a group, we would.  Whatever..

I think we are staying home.  So be it.  We don't have any allegiance in this game, anyway.  Although, to me it isn't the game so much as being with folks.  



Mrs. Mac said...

Again .. we should have blown up Face Book together (LOL) that would have been fun. I didn't really watch the game .. and heaven forbid, some of the half time .. well, what a horrid example for the world to see .. the USA selling sex on national TV LIVE.

Kathryn said...

I did watch the game while knitting. We did NOT watch the Half Time show - you are right, the little i caught was appalling.

I do wish you were not so far away. Hope you had fun while your hubby was holed up watching it.