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09 March 2013


We got a good bit of snow yesterday, for March, anyway.  I think the official storm total was up to 12 inches, but here i think we had 6 to 8.  It is a bit hard to tell as the wind blew hard and we've drifts.  The day wasn't too cold yesterday, and the roads cleared nicely after being plowed.

Duane is off helping with the "Polar Plunge" which is to raise money for the Special Olympics.  (He won't be in the lake.)  The temp outside right now is 29F, and the water temp is 37.  Cold!



Mali said...

Lovely photo! But brrrrrr.

Kathryn said...

Thanks. :) It WAS awfully cold to be going into the lake yesterday.

Kathi said...

Glad to hear that Duane is well enough to get back to doing what he loves. Those Polar Plunge people are nutso! Why would any sensible person jump into freezing water?

Kathryn said...

Macho, ego, tradition? They did raise something like $70,000 for Special Olympics.

Duane seems all healed now, thanks.