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16 October 2013

The way of things

Last Friday Duane and i had a really lovely morning in town.  We saw lots of folks we know and had some fun, interesting conversations.

We started out at the chiro.  The lady ahead of me was conversing with the receptionist.  I smiled at her across the room.  After the adjustment, Duane and i went to lunch at his favorite place.  A few minutes later the same lady from the chiro came in and saw kitty-corner across the aisle from us.

We had several fun conversations with a couple of people while we were there.  The lady let it be known she was listening on our conversations and enjoying them.  So we had quite a conversation with her, too.  I love that where we live so many people are friendly.

At the end of our conversation she said to us (but mostly Duane), "I think you have an interesting life."

I was a bit amused by that, but i agree, i think Duane leads an interesting life (tho "interesting" can also be "stressful").

We went grocery shopping and saw a couple more people, and then to the hardware store where we saw two or three more and had a fun conversation with the checker.

For someone who had been housebound all week and alone much of that time, the day couldn't have been better!

Duane left for a Search And Rescue weekend on Friday afternoon, however.  I'd already been alone Tuesday, Wednesday, and most of Thursday.  I now was alone again for part of Friday, Saturday, and more than half of Sunday.  I was still in a lot of pain, too, and having trouble moving around.

At one particularly difficult point in the weekend i snorted at the idea of an "interesting life."  I thought, "if that little lady could see my 'interesting life' now!"

Because the truth is everyone has a few highs, and then long, long stretches of flat lows.  I think books are a lot of fun, but they distort perception.  I just finished an Agatha Christie book of lots of vignettes.  It follows one man thru about 8 years of occasional interesting circumstances.  The book hits the highlights of those years, but in between, of course are days and weeks of everyday activities, not noteworthy or interesting.

Even Harry Potter - one of my favorite series - has that.  She touches on his boring existence when he is with his Aunt and Uncle, but even in a book you can't get the real flavor of the days and hours where the minutes crawl by feeling as if they will never end.  Of course the books also talk about homework and how exhausting and overwhelming it was, but the books can't convey the reality of those hours stretching out.  No one would read books if they were that real!  Books and movies hit highlights!  When we compare our lives to one another, we tend to compare other folks' highlights to our drab, boring time that everyone has.

A few pics i have to add some color:

Today is the anniversary of the date we lost our first baby.  I find it to be a really cruel twist of fate that this is also the birthday of my niece's first child.  I've an article in mind, not on this specifically, but touching on it.  But i'll be posting it elsewhere.



Butterfly said...

I love that you were able to get out and enjoy time with Duane and others. I also honor the loss of your baby. She knows you love her and watches over you is my feeling. It is hard to express for me that I know how you feel. I too have lost a baby.

Kathryn said...

Oh, dear Butterfly. You are so sweet.

Hugs to you. I'm sorry for your loss, too.