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13 October 2013

Life, In Repose

The wedding is over.  I could write pages about it, but i will simply state i found it strange, weird, and very different to anything i've attended before.  We have no pics.  I'm hoping that some of them will turn out well (of Duane and me together), and that we will get to see them.

Here is "the dress" but i'm not "fancied up" for this pic.  I took those cute little shoes and painted them gold and added glitter.  Not that it mattered.  I don't think anyone even saw them and i went barefoot for most of the evening.

My garden suffered while we were away.  I'd meant to move our tomato pots into the sunroom, but ran out of time and didn't.  It froze while we were away and all the tomatoes were spoilt.  I do still have some tomatoes in the sunroom that were there all along, so i've still hopes for a few.  I also have bell, jalapeño, serrano, and ghost peppers in the sunroom that are coming along nicely.  And i've a few herbs growing there, too.

We had a considerable apple crop this year, tho this pic doesn't look like it.  I haven't processed all the apples yet, but i have spent (or paid for help) about 25 hours on them so far, and have more to do.   I should take some pics of the apples i now have in baskets.  They seem to be of a Braeburn type or maybe some sort of MacIntosh cross.  They are good for eating (although my stomach doesn't handle raw apples well), also for baking and applesauce although i prefer them to be a "chunky" applesauce.

We have had a really gorgeous fall.

We have an "oak bush" that turns lovely colors for a day or two.  I suspect that there was once an oak tree where this "bush" is and that it was cut down but the stems have grown up from the roots remaining.

I have seen packages of fake oak leaves in the stores where the leaves look very much like this.  I had always assumed they came from someone's imagination of oak leaves, but here they are on our tree, looking very much like the fake ones.

We had our first snow on Wednesday night/Thursday morning.

The first pic is Wednesday, the second is about 15 hours later on Thursday.  I tried to get the angle/view almost the same.  The snow melted off quickly, tho, and we are now back to fall weather; it is cold at night but the days are mild.

This morning there have been several jays - scrub and stellar, and a couple of flickers out at our bird feeder.  No snow, sunny and clear, but windy and i think pretty chilly.  Which means the living room will be chilly.  I need to go pick up twigs from the yard (i'm slowly clearing away the deadfall) and start a fire to warm the downstairs.



lisa said...

Beautiful pictures. I love your dress, I bet the shoes were very pretty!

Kathryn said...

Thanks, Lisa.

The shoes did turn out cute, but i won't wear them again. They were not all that comfortable and blistered my heel. I should take a pic of them before i donate them somewhere.