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03 April 2009

Weird kind of day

Today has been the strangest day.

The wind is blowing, blowing, blowing. Ben's weather - the online service we use - shows the wind has been between 16 & 26 MPH, with gusts up to 40.

Jazz has been acting weird. He's driving us nuts. He's always more vocal than Mac, but today he has been talking constantly. We don't know what he wants. He acts like he desperately has to be outside. He has never been an outdoor cat. (If you saw the pic of the coyote, you know why.) Mac had been a stray, but we got Jazz at 8 weeks & he's never gone out.

I finally gave up & put them out in the garage for a while. They usually do consider that a treat - although not so much if they can't come & go at will. Today i closed the door. And left them there for about an hour. It was quiet in the house for a little while.

I hope Jazz isn't predicting a big earthquake. I've heard animals do that sometimes.

Ok, have tried to start the diet. (Not doing so well today.) But it seems that every one i follow who does recipes is covering desserts this week. Helllllloooooo!!!!! It makes this so hard! All the yummy looking things & i have to keep reminding myself, "Ah, NO! Not sugar-based baked goods." Not so much fun.

Everything i've eaten today has made me rather nauseous. (No, not pregnant.) I'm also feeling very antsy, jumpy. I haven't said this before, but i have ADD characteristics when i'm on the web. I currently have 5 windows open in Firefox, and 7 open in Safari, plus my day planner, itunes, & iphoto. (Just discovered 2 more in Firefox i shut down.) I flirt between them. I read a paragraph or two, go play a hand of cards, open something else, check my mail, etc., etc.

I'm feeling really weird, like i've taken Tylenol with codeine, except i don't take things like that anymore (or any other drug Rx or OTC). I'm feeling disconnected, & desperately wanting to connect. I want to sit here & waste more time, i want to go finish things on my "to do" list. I want to stop making so many dyslexic typos. I want my head to stop spinning. Maybe i should go pray.

This is a really weird day.

On a funny note, i was writing a response to someone yesterday. I tend to be very dyslexic when typing, especially with my ring fingers, most notably "l" & "s." Someone was talking about kissing. I responded about kissing my husband, except i reversed the "s" with the "l." You figure it out.

I love to kill my husband every day. . . not! LOL Fortunately, i do READ the things correctly & fix it.

Gotta go & find my head.



David said...

misspelled words, can be funny

Rosemary said...

You know, maybe it is a change of seasons things (I'd rather it be that then an earthquake, m'dear) - that could explain your general antsy feeling. Also, I find that when the wind kicks up that my cats get a little "wild" - so I let them on the deck (I know, you can't per se, I'm just sayin'). The wind must kick up some killer good smells that appeals to their wild instincts.

Keep going on the diet, maybe have a little extra fruit or bake an Apple with some cinnamon and splenda on it. You're going to do well, you're inspiring me to get off my....behind...and get moving. In the words of Dorie, just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

Anonymous said...

I've been having wierd days too. I do think it's the weather! Hang in there.

Organizing Mommy said...

Thanks for commenting on my post/ what to do with forwards. What a beautiful place you live in!! I went to the blog of lists. Oh, you would so love the blitz we do on Fridays. You get to list everything we do in ONE hour. Pretty energizing. Also, don't get discouraged about eating weird on the first day of the diet. A lifestyle change is what keeps weight off, so make sure it's something you can stick with.

Coming2Terms said...

Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for your comment...I've been very tardy with my email.

I've had similar days -- they're interesting and strange at the same time.