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15 June 2009

Mish mash & brain fog

We are almost home. Got in last night but don't get to really go home until tomorrow afternoon. I'm having issues. I WANT to be home!

It has been hard for me not to have much computer access. My computer was being less than reliable when connecting to wireless before we left, but while we were away, it became very unreliable. It usually gave me about 10 minutes - time to download my email & a few other things & then it went out. My husband generously allowed me to use a plug-in card, but i didn't want to use it too much, it was for his work. Usually, however, he was able to access the wireless connection where ever we were.

The other issue was simply time. It seemed we drove most nights until fairly late, & so just having the time to write wasn't there. I've missed it.

And i'm cranky, tired, & full of complaints! I want to put them somewhere besides my

But i think most of the complaints i have are just stupid stuff: that i can't be home already; that when i can't actually unpack (not being home) the stuff is hard to manage, especially as MIL is having company & we have to vacate the room where we normally stay; limited time for the things we'd like to do; etc., etc., ad nauseum. In other words nothing major, just small things of which to complain that are not very important.

This pic is of my parents at their anniversary party. I
find that we didn't get very many pics, & most of the ones i do have are not so good. The party went well & i think they were pleased.

All the family that was at Cumberland Falls. Mother & Daddy are sitting. D is behind them on the left (he's being silly). Sis #3 behind, then E, Duane behind her & also me, R, Sis #2 with her youngest daughter standing in front of her, behind Daddy. Sis #2's first son P wasn't able to come, nor were the soon to be bride & groom. It was kind of a family blow up & a lot of drama around their non-attendance & i'm not sure we'll ever know completely why. For now it is probably just best to assume they were too stressed with the upcoming wedding.

This pic is from the wedding. My sis, her husband (soon to be ex, probably), all 6 of their kids, & the groom.

I've decided to do a separate post of the scenery. Duane's beautiful pics don't deserve to be attached to my complaints, anyway!

I will say i don't think i ever want to do a "vacation" like this again. Reminiscent of my childhood where every trip was long boring drives, short, rushed times "seeing things" like national parks, monuments, "historic things" etc & long visits with family here, there, & everywhere. (Hurry out of the car, look at Mount Rushmore, take a pic of the family with Mount Rushmore in the background, hurry back to the car so we could drive 8 more hours.) I DO NOT want to recreate such times again.

I'm not sure we had a lot of choice on this trip as the alternative would have been to sit around my parents' house & visit for the 4 days we traveled. That would have been too much people time for introvert me, but this was a bit too much rushed driving & sight seeing. We did a total of over 1800 miles of driving in the 10 days we were there, 1400 of that in 5 days. (Duane is crowing about "unlimited mileage" on the rental car, however!)


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Curly Muse said...

glad to have you back and hope you get home to unwind soon.