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12 October 2009


Ok, a few things about these pics.

I was disappointed in the quality of them. They just don't seem to capture the essence of what i was seeing. Also, i didn't realize when i first viewed this little valley, how many power lines actually obscure the view. We tried several different places to minimize this, but it seemed the more we looked the more there were.

I'm including a house we found interesting, too. And, while Duane's away this week i think i'll go picture hunting again. I didn't get many pics of fall foliage. He was getting irritable.

One thing i found interesting were the number of contrails in the sky that particular day. Lots & lots of them. I know some folks call them "chemtrails" & believe that when they spread out in a huge, feathery pattern they are the ones to poison us. Have you heard of this theory? I've always assumed the difference in contrails had to do with atmospheric conditions. Usually around here they are infrequent & dissipate quickly. I found it unusual to have so many in the sky & in such diverse patterns.

The pic with the white sky & the brightness in the right hand corner doesn't look like much, but if you enlarge it, i found the quality of the light & pattern very interesting in that bright light.

Ok, just for a contrast & to show that power lines/telephone poles can be interesting, here is one Duane took early AM when we were still living in Orange County. I've always thought it very unusual.



Jo said...

What are you talking about! These pictures are wonnnnderful...! My goodness. I love seeing photos of other part of the country.

I want to live in that house. :-)

The photo of the telephone wires going off into the distance is beautiful. My goodness.

Amrita said...

Hi Kath, your photos are very scenic and pleasurable to look at.

The clouds and sky colors are so beautiful....did not notice the power lines.

Organizing Mommy said...

Very nice pictures. Happy to be visiting again.

Linda said...

I always enjoy your pictures. I especially like the next to last one (before the power lines).

Land of shimp said...

Those are fun pictures. I think there's a very interesting implication of the things that bind us all together in any picture incorporating power lines. Sometimes people look at them and think, "Ugh, spoiling the horizon!" and whereas a view without lines is nice, it's another way to view connection, I suppose.

We're both of us single ladies this week, Kathryn! My husband is in San Diego for business until Thursday morning. Sometimes I love when he goes away, because I love having time alone.

Sometimes I miss him. This is sort of one of those in-between times where I've almost forgotten he's out of town! It's only in the evening that it strikes me, "Hey...where'd I put that tall man? Hmmm."