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13 October 2009

Not a day for pictures

Well, it was brightly sunny for a little while this AM. But it has been overcast & windy most of the day. I was in town this evening & it was raining lightly there, but when i got home the streets were barely wet. We live on the east end of the valley, & get about 1/2 the rainfall of town, which is about 7 miles away. It has to do with the way the clouds come over the mountain.

The temp outside is 42 F currently, & the wind is blowing. I know this isn't really cold, but it sure feels chilly to me! But this weekend is suppose to bounce back, so if this wind doesn't blow all the leaves off the trees i may get some good pics then.

I'm about 3/4 of the way finished with the 3rd scarf/hat set i'm doing. This one is unique because i'm doing a pattern that decreases the crown as i go. And so i'm going to have to buy double pointed needles to finish it. I've never use double pointed needles before so that will be new. I've been doing the hats on circular needles, which was new to me. I meant to get the needles when i went to town this evening, but the store was closed. I thought she was suppose to be open until 7, but it may be that with the cold, wet weather she didn't expect anyone & closed up early. This set i'm doing now is different because the "yarn" is the flat, sueded stuff. I hope it will be warm enough. I'm doing the ribbing twisted because i doubt i'd be able to keep it untwisted doing a regular pattern & so might as well plan to twist it. Actually, i think it is called "plaited rib."

Duane is down the hill now. I miss him. this will be a long week.

I'm an introvert. Does that surprise anyone? I like people a lot, but being around people a lot, especially groups, makes me quite tired. But, in thinking it over earlier today i realized that i'm an introvert in blogs, too. That did surprise me. By that i mean that if i go to a site that has a large following & particularly a lot of comments, i usually don't comment myself. If there are already 20 people who have said, "Beautiful!" or "I love it!" or "You are so right" i don't add a comment unless i have something different to say. Although, if a discussion/debate is going on, i will sometimes join in.

At Pioneer Woman i almost never comment because she gets hundreds & sometimes thousands of comments. So, unless i am there very early or have something unique to say i don't bother. But then Pioneer Woman is quite unique of blogs. She is funny, witty & has an enormous number of people following her. About the only time i comment there is if she is having a give away drawing. I figure i've essentially no chance to win (i think she has an average number of about 15,000 entries to win a prize there) but that there is no reason not to try.

But, in general, i don't sign up to win things at blogs. That is not why i read them. I read them because i'm interested in people & enjoy the opportunity to connect with others. That means a lot to me. I have won a couple of things, just because i did comment on a give away, but usually i'm not trying to win. Not to put them down, but the give aways don't draw me, people & their experiences do.

Because i don't read blogs to win things, i usually don't have give aways, either. It just doesn't occur to me. And, the one time i tried to give away some things (bibs) no one seemed to want them, anyway. It also seems like i haven't enough of a following to do a give away. BUT, i'm going to do one now. A friend is selling Miessence which is a wonderful line of healthy products including skin care & shampoos & toothpastes & other things good for us instead of what is sold in the drugstore. Here is her website. Check it out.

Come back tomorrow. I'll post three pics of some "antiquey" things i have in the house. Post what you think they are, and/or their usage. I
'll do a random drawing with the prize being a $25 gift certificate to Vanessa's Miessence site. The good thing about this is that it is international, so you don't have to be a U.S. person to utilize it. I don't know about conversion rate, however. I'll leave the posting open until Saturday evening, & post the winner Sunday evening or Monday AM.

This is kind of in honor of my 200th post, which i never bothered about.


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Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Congratulations on hitting 200 posts! I've only done one whole giveaway on my blog, and I may do them occasionally as the opportunity arises, but my blog is more about my writing than anything else.

Oh, and goats, of course.


- Margaret