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01 September 2011

On Vacation

A friend asked if i was going to blog while on vacation.  The truth is i didn't know.  

Thus far most of what we have done has been driving or visiting.  And we haven't had great internet service.  
But i've taken lots of pictures.  (Tho not, i've discovered, as many as i would have liked.  We only got 4 of my Montana Mom's place, and i would have taken many more.)

This has been part of my view while lying down.  Lying at least 2 hours a day while traveling has made an enormous difference.  In fact, at one point i thought maybe i was getting "better" or "well" i was doing so great.  Until i spent one day up the whole time.  That re-arranged my ideas.  

But i have been doing quite well on this trip. 

We were worried that we could get in trouble for me lying while traveling, but that worry was unfounded.  

First off, i do wear a seat belt.  I don't think it would do much for me when lying, but we are sticking to the letter of the law.  Second, i don't think a trooper could even see me.  I lie much lower in the car than we realized.  I can't see much from that position.  I think sometimes the truckers driving semis can see me, but often i can't even see them.  I only see the top of high cars (SUVs) when we or they pass.  

This is the trading post (down the hill) from Custer's Battlefield.  I'm surprised they call it that, for some years ago the name was changed for political correctness to The Little Bighorn Battlefield (saying, "Who would name it after the loser?!")  But i guess it has been changed back.

Sunset from the same trading post.

This trip so far has been wonderful.  I can't begin to tell it all.  We camped one night and learned the difference between "water proof" and "water resistant" in our tent.  We were pretty damp for the next couple of days. 

We visited with some of Duane's childhood friends.  We visited with some friends of my parents i'd not seen in years.  We had a great visit with my mom and her husband Leo.  

And then we got to Bozeman, my childhood home, last night.

This is the place for which i have been so homesick.  

I've wonderful memories of the B&B where Duane and i honeymooned. We stayed in that top room of the turret when we were here before, but this time i really wanted a private bathroom!

This place is managed by someone different now, however.  She is only in her 40s, but i think she is hard of hearing because i've had to repeat myself frequently.  She doesn't seem to understand our humor, either, and responds to us with a blank stare.

When we arrived last night i told her i'd grown up here and she asked if i'd seen various places yet.  We came straight here upon arriving, so i have not.  She told us how it has been ruined and changed by "Californians with money" coming in and making a mess of things.  Her favorite bumper sticker is one that says, "Save Montana.  Put a Californian on the bus."  

The only thing that surprises me about this is that the bumper sticker doesn't say anything about shooting or even more extreme than putting someone on the bus.  I know of that attitude, it was prevalent when i lived here (although this woman didn't move to MT until after i had moved to CA).  I had warned Duane of this attitude and think the downside of driving this trip is our CA license plates. 

None the less, it wasn't the thing to say to us on arrival and it wasn't a very pleasant evening.

Also our cell phones don't work here and the internet doesn't extend to our room, so we have to be in the common room to use our computers online. 

The evening did improve.  This is the first that Duane and i have been alone where we could relax.  Of course we have been in the car together.  We have been listening to audio books part of the time while driving.  I've loved visiting with folks, but i'm glad to have this downtime, too.

This is what we woke to this morning.  We have had plenty of rain on this trip, but usually it is a quick-moving storm that passes and then there is lovely sunshine again.  

This storm looks like it is here to stay for a while.  It is raining steadily now.  

They say "you can't go home again."  In one sense i think that is true. I think it depends upon what you are "looking for" when going home.  I can't regain what i had when i was 18 (no one can).  But it is a beautiful place to visit and i do love it here.