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I'm a wife, i wanted to be a mama but that is not going to happen, i'm a massage therapist, a child of God.  I can be emailed at 4 Kat 2009 @

Duane & me
This is one of my favorite pics of Duane and me, in Feb 2007
We live in the mountains of Southern California, at nearly 7,000 feet above sea level.  We are 100 miles east of Los Angeles (tho we never go there!)  I was surprised to find that the growing season where we are at is even shorter than where i grew up in Montana, tho the winters are not as harsh.  We call our home "Sugarbear."  We have 2 cats, Jazz & Mac.  We have to be away from home a couple of days a week for work, but it is all worth it being able to come home to Sugarbear.  :)
I like to smile a lot!  :)
My other blog on my search for God & my spiritual life:  I looked for love

My first two posts give some info on us & this blog & our lifestyle living in Big Bear, California.

First One
Second One

This post gives some info on my journey in trying to gain a healthy life, fighting with energy & Chronic Fatigue issues, & trying previously to grow a family. 

The journey so far

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