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01 November 2012

So much has happened in the last few months. I've been really angry, i think, and so i've not wanted to write. And i've been really disorganized.

 Our office moved. I had a couple of melt-downs over that. I had a vision for what i wanted the new office to look like, and i was told (eventually) that i couldn't do it, that i had to "match" the rest of the office.

 The problem is, when i saw a swatch of the paint color, it was on the old color that was kind of a coral-orange. Against that color, the one the office would be painted looked horrendous - think the worst baby-puke brown-green you've ever seen. I did not want my room that color!

 It took some doing before we came up with a color that is 1/4 of the rest of the office. Then, once we moved, the furniture did not fit in the way i had planned, and i had another melt-down. I'd had to paint all my white furniture black, and at first it looked like i wouldn't even be able to use it. Eventually it all fit in. I found a lovely oval mirror to hang, and some pretty pictures tho they had to be re-framed and re-matted to fit.

 And then i fell carrying out some empty boxes (on the wheelchair ramp at the new office, no less). I broke a small bone in my foot and have been off my feet for three weeks now.

 I'm thankful for that break, by the way. The ER told me that kind of fall normally breaks an ankle, but if you don't break the ankle the small metatarsal tends to break. I've not been in any pain, really, and chose not to have it casted, which almost everyone around me thinks is foolish. It seems to be healing well. Although it has been more swollen this week (my first back at work), and i really did stay off of it most of the time at home.

 Duane helped me to get the clock, mirror, and pictures hung this week. I have to say, even tho this was not MY vision for the office, it is a beautiful room. It has come together in a way that really is tranquil and lovely. Even the furniture looks good in black. Of course, these are the colors used at my house quite a bit, and i wanted something different for the office, but it does look beautiful.

I was allowed to set it up myself, within the guidelines i was given. So while the doctor's wife gets to (deservedly) take credit for the beauty in the rest of the office, i can take credit for my room.

 Being off for two + weeks and now being back has made some things clear to me. I have been working to the point of exhaustion every time we go down the hill. I don't want to do that! But i desperately do want to work. The doc i work with wanted me very much to work on him because without regular work he moves into a pain mode. I've other people who value what i do, too. So now the question is, How do i balance my need to work with my need to rest in a manner i can manage?

 So much more has happened, but i'll have to write of it another day.