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02 February 2014

Groundhog Day

Well, we are being told that there will be six more weeks of winter.  (I hope so!  It has been a very dry winter and we are all worried at the lack of moisture.)  

From winter past:  

Groundhog Day is a strange one.  It also happens to be the anniversary of my first marriage, long long ago.  I got married at 20.  I always thought, in later years, that Groundhog Day was appropriate to everything about that marriage (that has since, ended).

I have no idea if it shows up on your computer, but this is a new font i found, called "connected."  As trying to be connected is something i strive for, it seemed appropriate.  

Duane is off the mountain today.  It is also Superbowl.  Duane's parents are taking several of the members of the family to Knott's Berry Farm and then later they will have a Superbowl party.  I would love to go to Knott's, but i know if i do i'll wear myself out and have trouble functioning later in the week.  But i really encouraged Duane to go.  He doesn't get much time with the kids.  

I think i kind of freaked last year on Superbowl, thinking it was a day we should be with people.  Duane was worried about me because of that, but i think more, last year i just felt i was keeping him from having a good time.  One thing i am learning, very clearly, is that i don't do well with a big group of folks.  I DO want to connect, and at a big party it doesn't happen for me and i'm disappointed.  I need to accept where my limitations are and play to my strengths, and the family does, too.  They don't really "get" why i didn't come down.  

However, i've plenty here at home to keep me busy.