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02 May 2013

Good Day

Do you know how long it has been since i've said i had a "good day" and meant it?

Now, every day that i have Duane in my life is a good day.  We are very blessed with our house and our cats and our flexible lives and usually enough money to live fairly free.  We both are on the same page about being frugal and eating fairly healthy and disliking Mother's Day and Father's Day and enjoying most of the same TV programs and being heartbroken that we will never be parents.

But when people ask how i am or how my day is going, my general answer is "Okay."  Not giving it much thought.  I'm surprised at how many times people say, "Just okay?"  I'm sure i've also answered with "good" or a more honest "fair" but i don't give much thought to these answers.  I just reply.

Yesterday was a "good" day, and honest good day.  I had pushed myself over the weekend when my ILs were visiting.  And i pushed myself Monday, too.  Generally this pushing shoves me over a cliff and i need a few days to recover.  This time i was tired, but not over a cliff.  I also did a lot yesterday.  I took stuff for work to the laundry, i went to three different health food stores for our groceries for two weeks, i fill three 3-gallon water bottles, i loaded the car with all this, i spent the morning at work and did one 15-minute massage, i drove the two hours home alone, and i unloaded when i got home.  Yes i was very, very tired, but i knew i could do it and i'm pretty sure i didn't push too far.

It has been years since i was able to honestly say i had a "good" day.

I am so very thankful.


I've not been keeping up with blog reading very well.  Part of the issue is my irregular lifestyle, and part was that i added a new blog to my reader.  I saw a couple of posts by this person and thought, "She posts interesting stuff," and so added her.  The problem came in that i didn't know how much she posts.  Most of them are commentary on other folks' writing, and she was posting 10 to 15 a day.  This filled my reader so completely (and often with stuff i didn't want to read) that i was missing posts from people i DID want to read.  I've had this happen a couple of times.  Even tho they may have a few things i want to see, i get so inundated and overwhelmed, it doesn't work for me.  I removed her from my list today.  Hopefully i'll soon be back to seeing what i want to read!  :)