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01 January 2014

Happy New Year!

It is hard for me to believe i'm coming up on 5 years of blogging.  

I was late to discovering blogs.  They had been around for quite some time.  I know i'd read some without realizing exactly what they were.  Blogging has changed a lot in the last 5 years.  I've gone back from time to time to see what has happened to people i used to follow.  Often the blogs are gone, or have gone private, or people just don't post any more.  I often wonder what has happened to those folks.

My life is often about connection - the desire to connect with people and my ineptitude in doing so.  I began blogging to try to connect.  Not much of that left, but still i continue to blog.  

I've begun 2 new blogs.  Not that anyone is reading these, but i often posted things i didn't want to share widely.  It is a public blog.  However, looking for one blog is like looking for a needle in a haystack unless you have links and connections to find it.  So, even tho some of the things i posted here were to share publicly, i didn't share them because of the ability to then find other things.  

So i have begun a couple of other blogs that i can share posts on Facebook or wherever, when i have something i would like to share that way.    They will not trace back to this blog.

One is on life in general and my search to find children in our lives.  I'm looking for that to happen thru mentoring.  However, i have been searching for several years now with no joy.  Hopefully this will be about finding that path.  The blog is Life, Such as it is.  

The other one is on my search for health.  I'm hoping that it is a journal of my journey to lose weight and have better health.  It is mostly a private journal, too, but if i should discover something i want to share publicly, then i can do it there.  It is called Seeking Good Health.

My voice in writing the past few years has become rather whiney.  I hope to avoid that there, but am not sure i can.

Happy New Year to all.  I hope this is a year of blessing and joy.