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22 January 2009


We opened our Christmas present yesterday!

We didn't do a lot for Christmas. It was pretty simple, but after it was all over i realized it would be very nice to have another gift.

We don't heat our house a lot. In the winter it is typically about 60 F much of the day, & gets into the 50s at night. For a while i was putting my (massage) table warmer on Duane's side of the bed, but i had to take it off to use it & realized it would be nice to have the bed warmed. So i suggested that as a late shared Christmas gift we get a mattress pad that warms the bed. Duane was enthusiastic about the idea. So i ordered it, & it arrived a couple of days ago. It has a DC converter, so it doesn't have the "bad" electrical fields. We don't leave it on for long, either, but when i'm cold in the evening & can't seem to get warm, climbing into a preheated bed is heavenly. Before it would take me 45 minutes or longer to get warm enough to sleep.

So it is a lovely Christmas gift.

I did fairly well yesterday. Was sleepy early in the day, & then was awake enough to get things done, but tired, tired, tired. I wonder if it is a result of doing so much the day before. Also, i feel kind of stupid, but i didn't talk to the PT about the Chronic Fatigue & how that limits my ability to exercise. I did get a couple of naps in, & slept fairly well last night, so today is better.

We did follow the eating plan today, kind of. I made yogurt, fruit, & granola for us for breakfast, but about 11.30. Duane did like it very much. But he didn't finish it until nearly 1 pm, & so didn't eat lunch until 4 (or later) & so wasn't very hungry for dinner, so that kind of fell thru. But i tried, & i did carry it out. Tomorrow is a bit more ambitious. We will see how that goes.


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Dawn said...

Hi, Katee!
I've been enjoying your blog.
I'll pray for you for regular meals-it is a struggle for us also.
With my Chronic Fatigue I'll do good for a bit, then not want to juice or cook at all.
I have found over the past 2 years we are doing better-I'm learning to freeze extra meals for bad days.