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20 January 2009

Oh, sigh

So much is in my mind, it is hard for me to know where to start. This is definitely a "this 'n that" post.

A friend, who will not be reading this blog, informed me she doesn't read any, not even her daughter's. That doesn't bother me, but it does make me wonder. Do you read novels? I know some people consider novels a waste of time. The two blogs i'm reading have been going a couple of years now, more actually. I'm in the summer of 2007, & finding about their family, etc. I figure if they have it on a public forum they are not opposed to me reading it. Part of me feels a little guilty i guess, but i find it fascinating, better than a novel. I can't help but wonder how it will play out, where their lives are going, hoping nothing very bad happens. It is rather like "The Never Ending Story," only better. I can't imagine checking into too many blogs, it would become like an endless spider web, each strand leading to 10 more, & ultimately overwhelming. But i'm enjoying the "stories" i'm reading.

I was thinking today about how much we take for granted. It is so easy to access so much info today. I'm imagining what we will be telling our grandchildren. My father & grandfather talked "of walking 2 miles in knee deep snow, uphill both ways to school." I can just see we'll be telling them we had only one phone, which shared a phone line with 5 other neighbors. I'd pick up the phone & have some old lady yell, "Is someone there? Who's there? This is a PRIVATE conversation! Get off the line!" We really did have that in our rual community until i was about 14. It was embarrassing trying to make a call, for you never knew if the phone was in use, or if someone would be listening to your own conversation. And if i talked longer than 3 minutes my mother would yell that i couldn't be on the phone so long, someone might want to call us or one of our neighbors. SOOOOO different from today's cell phones. 'Course, even today on cell phones others can listen if someone choses to have private conversations in large groups. Grrr!

I had acupuncture today. I do not like acupuncture, but i do like the results. Kathie, the acupuncture doc, tells me that 9 out of 10 people (or maybe even 99 out of 100) fall asleep during the rest time. I'm the odd one out. I don't relax easily at any time, not for massage, not for PT, not for acupuncture. I lie there, trying to allow the 50 minutes to pass well. I pray, & meditate, try to do deep breathing. Today i did almost get myself to drowse by counting all the different patterns i could follow in the 18 squares of the overhead fluorescent lamp. But somehow i can't let myself relax enough to "let go" & actually sleep. Rather than fight it, i find that it makes more sense to do something more constructive, i.e. pray, meditate, deep breathe, rather than try to
make myself relax.

Acupuncture was followed by Physical Therapy. I had a minor car accident in mid-December (not my fault!) & have been getting chiropractic & PT. It was such a minor accident, i can't justify more treatment, and i'm paying for the PT out-of-pocket to be reimbursed later, & we can't afford for me to do this much longer. Still, i like working with Kim (the PT) & it will be forcing me to do exercises i should have been doing all along. We do have a difference of opinion on the length of stretch time, but she's working with me on it. (She follows a myofascial theory, i hold to an "active isolated stretching" one.)

This is the first slow week i've had for some time. I have no one to see tonight, which hasn't happend, i think, since about Sept or Oct of last fall. So, i've the opportunity to attend a class i often recommend to my clients, but never have the chance to attend myself. It starts in about 20 minutes, so i'm nearly done now. It is a Feldenkrais class (Awareness through Movement). It is a mild exercise & self-therapy. I'd compare it to Rolfing, except it is noting as intense or violent as Rolfing tends to be.

I'm sitting in Starbucks typing. I'm not a coffee drinker (neither is Duane) so Starbucks is not on my usual list of hang outs. I'm drinking a Carmel Apple Spice hot drink. I'm sure it is loaded with sugar & lots of other bad stuff, but i'm not being too hard on myself. I'm spending $3, & have a place to hang out, & i figure a drink like this once a year can't hurt me too much.


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