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10 February 2009


We got 20 inches of snow yesterday, but traveled down the hill thru it to get to work. I'd have preferred to stay home! According to the site we check, the low last night was 3.5 F. That is COLD! But Southern CA is beautiful. The mountains right now are gorgeous, but the temp in OC is in the 70s, & the ornamental trees are blooming. It is very pretty here right now.

And i so enjoyed the moonlight on the snowfall Sunday night. It was so beautiful & calm.

I'm so very tired. But had a PT appt today & actually feel better. I wish i could afford to see her more often.

I'm also overwhelmed by life today. Or, rather, what we are doing to our world. I firmly believe that much of the hoopla about terrorism etc. is to produce a fearful public who will say to the gov't, "Yes, yes, yes! ANYTHING to keep us
safe!" It is the quickest way to get people to voluntarily give up their freedoms. Likewise with the medical establishment. If a doc says to a person, "You need ______," they usually do it with no question. Medications, vaccines, procedures, mammograms, chemo, radiation, people do it & never question the reasoning, & many of them never realize that docs are treating SYMPTOMS NOT the CAUSE. And people appear to be oblivious to the toll this takes on our environment. It makes me tired because most people are so brainwashed by this system that if you suggest there might be a better way, they look at you blankly. It is like you are talking Latin to them or something. It just does not register. Oh well. Just like witnessing for Jesus, i have to live my faith & take the opportunity to talk to people about it when the chance comes up.

I've an appointment with our pastor, Gene, on Thursday. The truth is there is so much to say to him that i know it can't all be said in one visit, & i need to carefully choose what to focus on. And to find a way to say it in the best possible way.

Please, Lord, help me find the right words.


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