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27 February 2009


I started a post yesterday & then lost interest in it. Things go thru my mind so fast that i can't seem to grasp them firmly enough to translate them to paper - er - ether via a keyboard. So they get lost in the ether.

I can't seem to arrange these pics as i want. They both are Sugarbear. One is the mascot, the other the house. We call it "Sugarbear" because we are kind of between Bear City & Sugarloaf. There is another area (a more "ritzy" one) called Moonridge, & the area spreading between Moonridge & Sugarloaf is sometimes called "Moonloaf," tho i imagine the residents there don't like it. Duane wanted our area called Sugarbear, but i doubt we would talk folks into it, so we settled on calling our house that. I like it better that way, anyhoo. But i forget & tell people, "You need to come visit us at Sugarbear," & they don't know what i'm talking about.

The painting is not quite done. We didn't get the trim finished before it was too cold to paint. Many of our pics are of Sugarbear a Wedgewood blue color. That was how Sugarbear was when we bought it. We like this green better, but i'll like it when it is warm enough for me to finish the trim.

I remember hearing a song at my auntie's house called, "Honeycomb." I didn't remember much about it, but i was singing it as "Sugarbear." Duane had never heard it, so i found it on youtube & it is sung by someone named Jimmie Rodgers. (Was that a country song? I get so mixed up on those early rock 'n roll days!)

For the lyrics: Oh, Honeycomb, won't you be my baby; Well Honeycomb, be my own

We sing: Oh, Sugarbear, won't you be our honey, oh Sugarbear we're coming home!

It is our ritual as we reach Onyx Summit & are coasting down to home.

Our weather has been quite warm. A week ago when we got home the berms were piled up so high that i could barely see the children walking by, coming home from school. The one on the corner of our property was over my head. The bushes were completely buried, & there was 2 ft of snow standing in our yard. Now most of the yard is bare, the berms barely visable, & the big one down by more than half. Can hardly believe how much has melted in a week. We've still snow in our back yard in the shadow of the neighbor's house.

Well, it is official. We have registered with an organization called "Miracles Waiting." It is a site that tries to unite donors & folks looking for embryos. Our profile was posted today. I'm kind of dumb. I put my age a year older than i am, tho i don't suppose it will matter much. I don't pay a lot of attention to age. I'm routinely mistaken for 10-12 years younger than i am. In fact, if someone asks my age i have to think before coming up with it. And recently i answered without thinking as 10 years younger than i am & had to correct myself. I don't give it much thought. (I've never given it as 10 years older, however! Edit - actually now that i think about it, i have! But the person i said it to was so stunned i caught myself right away.)

However, on this site i'm afraid that folks will look at my age & not bother looking further. But, again, that is in God's hands. We know there probably is not much chance in someone picking us, so we figure that if they do it will be a clear call that this was "meant to be."

And i think God was wise not giving me children in my 20s. I would have been a horrible mama. Not on purpose. I loved (still do) children, & wanted children so much. However, my own mama was a bit unbalanced & i think i wasn't ready to be a mama. Things to work thru & resolve first. Sometimes i can't help but question the timing - when Duane & i each want so much to be parents, what sense does it make for us to have met so late? It almost seems like a bad joke. But that is life, sometimes.

Anyway, we have begun by opening one door to possibility. See where that takes us.


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