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02 March 2009

Monday Morning

Jazz was being silly again this AM, so we stuck him up on one of the beams in our ceiling. He didn't fuss, but didn't seem to want to stay there for long. We don't put him up there often. (He was over the bed, so had a soft landing.)

Well, i woke up feeling grouchy 'cause it is down the hill day, & realized that it is the "last time" - at least for 2 weeks. I talked Duane into working from home next week. I'd been tired & feeling stretched & wanted to stay home. But because of our obligations off the mountain, we have to plan this. We decided to do it next week 'cause BB has a computer club that meets once a month & that is next week. It is always on a Tuesday evening when we are down the hill. So Duane can hopefully "network" some if we are here when it meets.

Yaaah! Gonna stay home next week. I think it will be a "spring cleaning" week for me, tho.

No baby for us this month. Ah, well.

Gotta get started on our day. : )



Amrita said...

Hi Kathryn,I got to your blog now. Thanks.

Poor Jazz,he got himselfinto quite a tangle.

Shannon said...

Your Jazz and my Leto could be twins! Here's a pic of mine. :-)