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22 March 2009

Spring Storm

Well, they said we'd be getting a storm today. They're right. It is far more the wind than the actual snow. The weather report says we've gotten an inch of snow (closer to two where we're at) & the temp is 27 F. But the windchill is 15 F & the house is cold. I am cold! We don't heat the house much. We've got the wood stove going, but it is going to be a while before it feels warm.

The first pic is looking out our front door. The second is from our bedroom on the second floor. That is the bird feeder swinging in the wind. It had been snowing & hailing earlier, but had paused by the time i got the camera out. The birds & squirrels are not venturing out much right now.

Happy Blog Party to anyone venturing by. (I'll try to have the house warmer by the time you arrive, & will have the kettle on for hot tea!) Hope it is warmer where you are than here. Still, it is a lovely day, & i'd rather have it now than the end of May - which happened last year.

Pull up a chair & we'll have a cuppa!



Dawn said...

Woof! That is cold!
Hope you are warmer now:)

Wendy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's good to come visit some new ones. I have enjoyed going through your photos! You take some nice shots!!

Anonymous said...

You look like you've had a winter/spring like we have. It's still trying to snow every few days. Ugh!