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09 April 2009

The numbers are in - Week 1

Here it is:
  • weight - 172 lbs
  • chest - 46 inches
  • waist - 36 inches
  • hips - 43 inches
They haven't changed much.

I do weigh myself every day when we are at home (sometimes as many as 3 times). I've seen the numbers on that particular scale vary 5 pounds across 3 hours. This past week i've had numbers from 168 to 176. Sigh. My husband's scale is probably more accurate, but:
  1. it weighs me heavier than the one i use
  2. it has the dark numbers not the brighter lighted numbers
This second one is important as i usually weigh myself without contacts & can't read the numbers his reports (on the other hand, i could then just make up numbers . . . no, it wouldn't help).

Well, on to week 2.



Jana said...

I am taking a class on WELLNESS through Big Picture Scrapbooking. One of our first assignments is to get rid of the scale. It is a detrimental tool to the process of WELLNESS. We are to concentrate more on how we are feeling. Dirty trick isn't it?!?!?!

Rosemary said...

You aren't ruled by the numbers but how good you start to feel. You will do this, we're all going to do this and get healthier.

Keep going! Consider this your East Coast encouragement!